Do you find it difficult to style a curly wig? Do you think style a curly wig requires many time-consuming steps? In fact, there are many simple yet effective ways to refresh your curly wig hairstyle, which aren't as complicated as you might think. Today's blog post will introduce you to these quick and easy methods to redefine your curly wig effortlessly.

how to style a curly wig

Tips Before Styling a Curly Wig

Don’t Forget To Wearing a Wig Cap

Although many people feel that wearing or not wearing a wig cap doesn't matter, and it might even be more comfortable for some, there are many benefits to wearing a wig cap.

Choosing a wig cap that is similar with your skin color can help the front lace of your curly wig be more invisible and melted. In addition, if wearing a curly wig on your natural hair directly, it may cause frizz, which will damage your natural hair, and wearing a wig cap can avoid the problem and protect your own hair. And moreover, wearing a wig cap will help your curly wig be more secure and comfortable.

For guidance on 'how to choose the right cap for your wig?', we have prepared another article to assist you in finding the perfect wig cap for yourself.

Please Try To Select Curly Wig Styling Products

When selecting hair care or styling products for human hair wigs, it's advisable to opt for lightweight, water-based products, suitable for all types of wigs. However, for curly wigs, an additional consideration is necessary. When choosing styling products, specifically select those designed for curly wigs that can nourish, style, and hold the curls without weighing them down, helping you easily get beautiful, spunky curls.

Less Is Often More With Curly Wigs

When applying any products on your curly wig, start with a small amount of product and gradually increase if needed. Overloading the wig with product can weigh down the curls and make them appear greasy.

Make Curly Wig's Lace Match Your Skin

Choosing a lace color that matches your skin tone can make your curly hairstyle appear more natural. Styling curly wigs may involve pinning or pulling the hair back, inevitably revealing the lace edges or weft parts of the wig cap.

Therefore, if you enjoy experimenting with different hairstyles on curly wigs, consider opting for an HD lace wig as it seamlessly blends with various skin tones, being thinner and less noticeable. It's advisable to select a lace area that's larger, providing more space for diverse styling options.

Wear a Silk Bonnet When Sleeping With Curly Wigs

Actually, curly wigs themselves are a hairstyle; you can maintain their bounce and volume without doing much else.

However, managing curly wigs is more challenging compared to straight wigs, especially when wearing them to sleep. Friction during sleep can easily cause tangling, leaving the curls tangled and messy upon waking up.

Therefore, it's advisable to first gather the curls into a bun before bedtime, securing it at the nape of your neck. Then, wearing a silk bonnet can effectively prevent the wig from tangling, making it less difficult to untangle or style in the morning.

Curly Wig Styling Options

Create Volume

Curly wigs are highly sought after among black girls because they accentuate their natural beauty. Compared to straight hair, curls often possess more texture and volume, adding size and visual interest to hairstyles. Therefore, the easier way to style a curly wig is to add volume.

This is because newly purchased curly wigs often lack sufficient volume, requiring us to add volume ourselves to achieve the desired curly hairstyle. We have another blog post that teaches you how to add volume to a curly wig introducing several methods. Check it out and learn! All in all, Voluminous curls are a stunning hairstyle that exude a sense of glamour and elegance.

Curly Wig Styling Tools

With heat styling tools, you can restyle your curly human hair wig. Sometimes, the natural curl pattern of a wig might need slight adjustments. Heat styling tools like curling wands or irons with adjustable heat settings can be used sparingly to redefine or reshape the curls, especially if certain sections of the wig have lost their curl definition. You can create tighter or looser curls, depending on the desired style, by wrapping sections of the wig around the heated tool.

What’s more, over time, curly wigs might lose some of their bounce or curl definition due to storage, daily maintenance, or wearing. Using a low heat setting can help revive flattened curls by reshaping them and restoring their bounce.

However, avoid frequent use of heat styling tools, as they can make your curls look frizzy and lackluster. Remember to use a heat protectant spray before using any heat styling tools.

Letting The Wig's Curls Shine

Make the curls of your curly wig shine and appear lustrous is the quick way to refresh your curly hairstyle. You can use shine-enhancing products, such as serums, glosses, or shine sprays. But remember apply these products sparingly to the curls of the wig to add a glossy sheen without weighing down the hair.

how to style a curly wig

Imagine when you put on your previous curly wig with captivating shine, reflecting light to create a luminous and glossy effect. The curls feel smooth and silky to the touch, enhancing the overall shiny and sleek look of the hairstyle. What a luscious and radiant appearance.

Curly Wet Look

Why not simulate the appearance of damp or wet curls if you have a curly wig. This popular hairstyle enhances the natural texture of the curls, giving the impression of freshly wet hair.

As for how to achieve the curly wet look on a curly wig, you can use a water-based styling gel or curl-defining cream designed to create a wet look.

Try a New Color

If you're tired of the natural black curly wig, you can try experimenting with a new color of curly wig. After all, in the world of wigs, changing the color means changing the hairstyle. At ISEE, we offer a wide range of popular colors for curly wigs, from understated and subtle tones to bold and expressive shades. There are various options available, such as natural browns, subtle highlights, or vibrant and bold curly hairstyles like the sparkle roots, skunk stripe, catering to diverse preferences.

how to style a curly wig


Final Words

Styling a curly wig offers an exciting opportunity to unleash creativity, redefine personal style, and exude confidence through a variety of unique curly hairstyle looks. Do you have any other creative ideas for styling curly wigs? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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