You don't want your wigs look too wiggy when wearing wigs, the goal always is to make it look seamless and fabulous. How to get a flawless look, like the wig just grow out of your own scalp? Plucking wig is one of the major method to customize your wig.

how to pluck a wig

Wig plucking is a process of carefully removing hair from your wig's hairline and parting with a pair of tweezers. If you have struggle with the wig plucking journey, keep reading tips on how to pluck a wig.

Why Do You Pluck A Wig?

It's all about hairline and parting when it comes to Lace cloure wig or Frontal wigs. According to Tymarrah, plucking a wig is to make the wig looks pretty natural by pulling out enough hair around the hairline, keeping a steady motion from side to side and make it quickly.

If you look at your natural hairline, you can see that the hairs aren't all the same length and less thick. To mimic the appearance of a natural hairline, wigs with the hairline plucked create a sort of baby hair. Women prefer pre plucked wigs over ones that aren't because you don't have to spend time and effort manually plucking them.

How to Pluck A lace front Wig
Frontal wig plucking

Can You Pluck A Synthetic Wig?

Yes, A synthetic wig is entirely pluckable. In case you need a reminder, synthetic hair wigs are more affordable but require more upkeep than those made of human hair. You cannot heat style them, and they do appear somewhat less realistic. Which wig style is best for you is mostly up to you.

Synthetic Wig plucking
Synthetic wig plucking

How To Pluck A Wig Step By Step

Things Needed

A lace-front wig
A wig stand
A brush

Bleach + Plucking Your Frontal Wig

Steps On How To Pluck A Wig

1. Wet the hair. When plucking a wig, I like to pluck my hair while it's wet, but I did spray some water on there just to get it back.

2. Separate the front piece out. When plucking, I like separate the front piece out because that's basically the pieces where you're going to be doing your baby hairs. You don't want to pluck those too much, so that you can still have hair to work with in the front.

3. Make a fast motion from side to side. When I am plucking my hair I just go ahead and make everything a fast motion and you want to go from side to side. Every time don't stay in one area, because you can ball the frontal that way. As long as you're keeping a steady motion and going from side to side your hairline should look pretty natural.

4. Pluck enough hair and separate more layers. When I'm plucking my wigs I pluck enough so that it looks natural. And the more layers that you separate, the more natural it's going to look.

5. Do not plug too much on wig head. I like to pluck just enough on the wig head and then pluck a little bit more just to give it like the more natural feel while on my head. After I have installed the wig with the lace glue and everything, I do also pluck while the wig is installed on my head, and that kind of gives me a better outlook on how the wig is going to come out.

6. Pluck your wigs after the hair is bleached. After the hair is bleached, it's kind of more easy to pull out, so it just glides right out and you don't have to be like plucking very very hard.

Finally, use a hair dryer on low heat to cool and style the hair. I like to blow dry with a brush because I just feel like it just gives the hair more volume.

Where Do You Pluck A Wig?

Start plucking at the hairline, steadily move from one side (right above your ear) to another side (another ear), and make it fast. Separate your hair in layers, and pluck the lace frontal area layer by layer. Do not over-pluck, pluck enough hair will be good.