When purchasing wigs, do you pay attention to the information provided by the seller regarding wig density? Have you often seen wigs labeled as 180% wig density? Why do many brands offer wigs with 180% density? In today's article, let's delve into what does 180% wig density mean and what 180% density wig will be looks like with various hair textures.

what does 180% wig density mean

What does wig density refer to?

Before starting the main topic, let's start with what is wig density. Wig density is a wig keyword that refers to the amount of hair that is sewn on a wig cap. It means the fullness and thickness of a wig.

what does 180% wig density mean

Why Wig Density Is So Important?

Wig density will affect the appearance of the wig. The density of a wig determines how full or thick the hair looks and feels.

Higher density wigs give a fuller, thick, and big hair appearance. However, lower density wigs give light, natural hair appearance. Which kind of wig to choose depending on your demands and aesthetic. Somebody prefer high density, big hairstyle; somebody prefer less thick, natural hairstyle.

And the wig density do will affects the natural appearance, comfort, breathability and lifespan of a wig.

As we all know, lower density wigs can be lighter, more comfortable, and offer better breathability, making them more comfortable to wear, especially in summer season.

A higher density wig means more hair strands, providing more material to work with when styling the wig. And it is hard to expose the weft when styling a higher density wig, creating more substantial base for styling, allowing for better hold and support when styling.

What Is The Difference Between Wig Density And Hair Thickness?

We have found that many of our customers tend to confuse wig density and hair thickness. Hair thickness has difference with wig density. It is also known as hair texture or diameter, refers to the width of an individual hair strand. We often use fine, medium, or coarse to describe hair thickness. For a wig, hair thickness can vary due to different hair sources.

Usually, Brazilian hair is most popular in wig market because of its good hair quality, it’s typically tends to have thicker strands and coarser texture. The thickness of Peruvian hair is relatively thin than Brazilian hair, tends to be of medium to slightly thicker texture. Mongolian hair is also common because of rising search volume in recent years. It is also know as thick and tough, easy to keep curls.

What Does 180% Wig Density Mean?

Natural Density

Many wig brands or manufacturers adopt 180% wig density as the standard for wig production. This is because customizing wigs with various densities according to individual preferences is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, which escalates the production costs.

Moreover, a 180% density wig has more hair and is thicker than most women's natural hair density. It gives a natural appearance, hair density is not thin, and is the most chosen wig density by customers. Whether you are choosing a straight, wavy or curly wig hairstyle in 180% density, you can get a satisfied density wig.

More Hair Than Less

For wigs, having a higher wig density is generally preferable to a lower one. With higher density, it's possible to trim it to achieve the desired appearance. Maintaining a better wearability over time is difficult with initially low-density wigs, which may become unusable after a few uses.

Unlike our natural hair that grows back when shed, wigs lack a growth cycle and cannot replenish lost strands. Additionally, the hair strands on a wig are hand-tied, leading to inevitable shedding during wig maintenance, cleaning, and combing. Hence, higher wig density is preferable. Opting for a slightly thicker density, such as 180%, is a good choice when purchasing a wig.

Straight Wig With 180% Density

what does 180% wig density mean


Wave Wig With 180% Density

what does 180% wig density mean


Curly Wig With 180% Density

what does 180% wig density mean


To Sum Up

After reading this article, hope you can know better of 180% density wig. The 180% density wig offer a natural hair appearance and is a bit thicker than most women's natural hair density. So, if you are looking for a natural looking wig, a 180% density wig is a good choice. Isee Hair, offers 180% density wigs in various wig hairstyles and wig types. Hope you can find your favorite one.

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