Whether it's an HD lace wig or a lace front wig, many girls opt to purchase them because of their ability to provide a natural hairline. However, the lace part of lace wigs is relatively delicate and can be prone to tearing. If you're troubled by damaged lace parts, this article is worth reading today. It teaches you how to repair lace wigs, saving you the expense of buying a new one.

how to fix a lace wig

How To Fix A Ripped Or Damaged Lace Wig---Step By Step Guide

Get Your Supplies:

Your damaged lace wig
Wig stand
Wig brush
Spray bottle with water
Small, sharp scissors


Please don't rush to repair the damaged lace part of the lace wig. First, assess the size of the lace tear and the extent of the damage. Different tear sizes require different repair methods. For minor tears or small holes, using glue for repair will suffice; it's simple, quick, and effective. For larger tears, you can opt for tape repair or use needle and thread for mending.


Make sure your damaged wig is free of any knots and tangles before repairing it, so try to comb through the wig as thoroughly as possible. For stubborn knots, try using a spray bottle with water to help detangle.

It is not recommended to comb your hair after mending, as you run the risk of tearing the lace again.


Flip your human hair lace wig inside out for easier handling, then use pins to secure it onto a wig stand. With the lace facing towards you, it makes it easier to identify the torn lace part.


Ensure the damaged area is clean and free of any residue or adhesive. You can use acetone helps in removing. It ensures a clean surface for the repair.

Option One: Stitching The Torn Wig With Needle And Thread.

You'll need a transparent thread or its color matches the color of the lace and a needle. These tools are for repairing accidentally torn lace. If the lace area damaged is a hole, you'll also need a small piece of lace that matches the color of your wig's lace.

how to fix a lace wig


Adjust the torn lace edges and use T-pins to bring them into contact. Ensure the torn area is aligning properly and lies flat for easier stitching.


First, cut a length of thread and thread it through the needle. To ensure a strong and secure stitch, knot the ends of the thread together. Then, you can start sewing them together.

Regarding the specific stitching methods, you can use two common techniques: the flat method and the loop method. The former is relatively easy to execute and provides a clean, flat finish, the latter is tighter.


Starting at one end of the tear, insert the needle through the underside of the lace (inside the wig) to conceal the knot. Pull the thread through until the knot is snug against the lace.

Insert the needle through both sides of the torn lace, moving from one side to the other, making small, even stitches.


Work your way along the entire length of the tear, Ensure the tension is even throughout to avoid puckering or pulling of the lace.


When you reach the end of the tear, secure the thread by creating a small knot on the underside of the lace. Make sure the knot is secure but not too tight to avoid damaging the lace.

Carefully trim any excess thread with small scissors, ensuring not to cut the stitches or the lace.

Option Two: Fixing The Torn Wig With Tape.

The main tools needed for this method are bonding double-sided tape and 3M Transparent tape. You can purchase these items online or at a local hobby store.

how to fix a lace wig


Measure the length of the torn area on the lace front wig. Cut a piece of double-sided wig tape slightly longer or larger than the tear. If the tape is too wide, you can trim it to fit the torn area more precisely.


Carefully place the cut piece of tape along the torn section of the lace, ensuring it covers the entire damaged area. Press the tape firmly onto the lace to ensure a secure bond.


Apply gentle pressure for a few moments to ensure the tape adheres well to the lace. Then you can remove the back paper.


Next, cut a piece of 3M transpore tape of the same size. Cover the bonding tape with the 3M transpore tape because the bonding tape is adhesive, and without covering it, it may stick to your scalp.

By following these steps, you have completed the entire process of repairing the lace wig. It may not be as challenging as you imagined. You will regain a lace wig that looks relatively natural. Up close, the repaired lace section may have some imperfections, but at a normal social distance, it won't be too noticeable.

how to fix a lace wig


Final Words

Both of the methods described above are not difficult, primarily requiring time and patience. Otherwise, purchasing a new wig might be more suitable for you. In fact, there are other methods for repairing lace wigs available online, with many video tutorials providing a more visual guide. Lastly, it's important to handle lace wigs with care during daily use, attempting to avoid having to repair your lace wig.

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