Although glueless wigs are popular and stand out among other types of wigs, we have to say that the most frustrating aspect of glueless lace wigs is their tendency to slide backward. To prevent your glueless wig from slipping backward and avoid embarrassment, here in today’s blog, we have several effective methods for you.

how to stop your glueless wig from sliding back

Method One: Using Bobby Pins

After you putting on your glueless wear go human hair wig, adjust the elastic straps inside to ensure a snug fit but not being too tight, ensuring your wig sits properly on your head. Take out some bobby pins and insert them along the back of your head, especially near the nape. Then insert these bobby pins through the wig cap and your natural hair. You may have braided your natural hair into braids, therefore, pin bobby pins through the braids and the wig cap.

how to stop your glueless wig from sliding back

Be mindful to distribute these bobby pins evenly across the back of your head as you insert them.

Method Two: Adding Inside Combs

You can add some combs inside the wig cap, typically we recommend you can place these combs at the back of the neck and on the both sides near the ears. This helps distribute the weight of the wig, preventing it from sliding backward or shifting from side to side when wearing a glueless wear and go wig.

The ISEE M-cap glueless 9*6 wear go human hair wig features removable combs on both the back of the neck and the sides near the ears. For those girls who prefer not to have combs inside the wig cap, these combs can be easily removed since they are designed to be movable, offering flexibility and convenience. In outdoor settings, when desiring extra security for the wig to prevent shifting, these removable combs can be particularly beneficial.

how to stop your glueless wig from sliding back

Method Three: Replace The Wig Elastic Band

For glueless wear and go wigs, the elastic band placed at the back of the wig cap can secure the wig and maintain its place. This adjustable band ensures that your glueless wig stays down.

Therefore, if your glueless lace wig slides backward, it could also because the elastic band. Glueless wigs are designed for easy putting on and taking off, many times of this process, if the quality of the adjustable band is poor and not durable, the elastic band can get stretched out, raggedy, and weak. Therefore, the solution is to replace this elastic band rather than purchasing a new glueless wear and go human hair wig. Replace it with a more durable, higher-quality wig band.

how to stop your glueless wig from sliding back


Method Four: Using Mousse Foam

If you don't have a wig band to replace, you can apply some lace melt mousse foam to the front lace hairline area of your glueless wear and go wig. It's similar to gluing on a lace front human hair wig but not adhesive providing a strong hold. Instead, you're using lace melt mousse foam to add a bit of grip to the hairline area.

This not only helps to secure the wig to avoid sliding back but also offers better blending the lace with the skin, you will achieve a more natural-looking hairline.

Method Five: Change a Wig Brand

If your glueless wear and go wig slides excessively backward, sliding back too much. It may not be a glueless wig common problem. Instead, it could because the design or quality of the wear and go wig you purchased, it due to the wig brand itself. In such cases, you may need to consider switching to a glueless wig from a different brand.

ISEE M-Cap 9*6 Wear Go Glueless Wig

Removable Combs

We sew movable combs on both sides and at the back inside the wig cap, especially at the back, similar to inserting bobby pins, to prevent the wig from shifting backward.

Durable Elastic Band

The elastic band used is an upgraded silion anti-slip elastic band, featuring two latches on the band. It looks wider, chunkier, and thicker. how to stop your glueless wig from sliding back


In Conclusion

The five methods talked above have all been tested and tried, and they can also be combined for avoiding sliding back. Hopefully, these methods can truly help you solve the issue of wear and go wig shifting on your head and allow you to fully enjoy the convenience and ease of wearing a glueless lace wig.

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