Here are some beginner friendly basic tips on how to make a lace closure wig with hair bundles and lace closure. As long as you make sure the wig fits, is secure, and lays flat, and you are good to go.

how to make a lace closure wig

Things you will need to make a lace closure wig

How to make a lace closure wig step by step

1. Place the mesh cap right on to the styrofoam head
Make sure your wig cap is nicely, secure and place it correctly. Use pins to pin it down to make sure the cap doesn't move or shift while you are sewing in closure and bundles.

2. Taking the closure and pinning it down on the mesh cap
Make your lace closure about an inch in front of your wig cap. Take your T-pins and pinning down the closure, stretching out the closure as much as possible to make it flat. You can use a little water to lay down the hair to make sure the closure is nice and smooth and flat as possible.

3. Hand sew in the closure with a curved needle and some thread
Using a curved needle and some thread, go about an arm's length of thread and then cut it to make a knot.

Then go through the edge of the lace with your needle, picking up a little mesh before you pull it through. Do not sewing through the cap, sewing through the mesh or it won’t fit. Then you can just repeat sewing the edge of the lace closure, pick up some mesh and make a knot.

You can wrap your thread around the needle three times to make close stitches when sewing down your closure because you'll cut the cap under it when you're done and you don't want it to be flappy and gappy. Then you just finish off the closure.

4. Drawing Lines on the wig cap for weft
You can use sharpie metallic marker, start from the bottom and make sure you mark your wig cap correctly and each line is about an inch apart.

5. Sew In Hair Weft
Start sewing the first bundle, go straight with the lines on the mesh cap, begin from a little above the end of the cap and pinning it down. Double wefting and when it going to the end and then flipping it over until you are done with the full bundle.

When sewing near the thick elastic band of wig cap, you want to sew only through the mesh of the cap right on top, not through the elastic band, otherwise the wig will not fit because the cap will be too tight and you'll have to start all over this whole process. So pick up some of that mesh on top of the band not through.

As you get closer to the end before you flip it, make your stitches closer just so that when you do flip it, it's nice and secure.

When you finish off your hair bundles sewn in, then cut off the extra weft and cut off your thread as well, and you are done.

6. Cut off the excess cloth underneath the closure
Took off your wig off the dome head, cutting off the excess cloth underneath the closure, cut right next to the stitching of your closure, so that your are cutting off most of the cloth as much as possible without cutting off the thread.