For beginners, choosing the wig that you like is easier said than you done. So how many factors you have to consider when you choosing the suitable wig: the hair style, the color, the natural-looking and so on. But what can offer the natural appearance or satisfied style for the wig? --- the HD Lace.

What is the HD Lace and why must be HD Lace? So this blog, we will share some knowledge about HD Lace.

what is hd lace

What is HD Lace?

hd lace in different skin tones


HD Lace stands for “High Definition Lace” with the highly quality lace. The best lace is the Swiss lace, and the HD Lace is the newest iteration of Swiss lace. So, why it is so special?


Because of the extremely low denier of the HD Lace, which easily matches with the different skins. Especially for Black people, the HD lace blends with the scalp perfectly. It also will give you the illusion that the hair is growing from you scalp.


The regular lace is thicker and non-breathable. But the one distinct feature to HD lace is gentle on the skin. it is snug and soft for the skin. The thickness just blends with the skin, resulting in realistic hairline.


The HD lace is thinner and low denier. And it is more breathable and comfortable when wearing, especially for summer.


The HD lace is highly transparent because it offers the realistic looking. The HD lace is practically invisible, which is suitable for any skin type. It also can own the realistic hairline due to the pre-cut lace design, which is more invisible and undetectable.

Transparent lace VS HD Lace

Recently, there are two types of lace commonly founded on the market --- the transparent lace and HD lace.

Lace Price

The HD lace, as the imported material from Swiss, is the upgraded iteration of Swiss lace, thinner and softer, which means it is more expensive than the transparent lace.

Lace Texture

Swiss HD lace is the thinner version of transparent lace, which means the HD lace is softer and snugger.

Lace maintenance

HD lace needs careful treat and maintenance so as to protect the delicate structure of lace. Due to its durability, the transparent lace is easier to maintenance.

HD Lace Wig Caring

Maintaining your HD lace wig is like caring your own hair.
Tips1: Using a wig comb to gently comb the hair, reducing shedding.
Tips2: Warm water or cold water to wash the HD lace wig.
Tips3: Don’t apply conditioner to roots of hair.
Tips4: Please dry the wig with a clean towel and place it on a wig stand to air-dry.

To sum up

As we all know, the HD lace and transparent lace serve the same purpose to create the natural-looking. Choosing wear the wig of HD lace or transparent lace depend on the personal likes and requires. ISSE lace can blend with the scalp and create the realistic appearance. And the ISSE Wear Go Wig, HD lace wig, is the newest wig for beginners. Based on the above understanding, whatever you depend on the invisible of HD lace or durability of transparent lace, there is one wig suit for you.
You can choose that one you love from the ISEE HAIR.