You've gotten your new human hair wig and are confused if you should wash it before wearing it. Can you decide not to wash this new human hair wig? What it may happen if not cleaning it before wearing it? What are right solutions? Continue reading today's post, which will answer these questions for you.

do you need to wash a new wig

Do You Need To Wash Your New Wig?

In general, cleaning a new wig is a good idea since it may have come into touch with chemicals or dust during production, storage, or shipping. This will ensure that you are wearing a clean wig. Please washing your wig with soft shampoo and cold water, to prolong the wig lifespan and maintaining the wig's quality. Let the wig dry naturally after washing it, and not exposure under the sunlight. If you want it be dry quickly, make sure you adjust the flat iron into lower heat. 

Why Does Your New Wig Have Smell?

Newly acquired wigs may have an odor that varies in severity depending on the brand. Some wigs have a strong stench that is detectable as soon as you open the package, while others have a mild odor that becomes obvious with closer scrutiny.

do you need to wash a new wig

However, regardless of the degree, new wigs usually have an odor. It is a common thing. High-quality human hair wigs have a milder fragrance. Those smell will away after washing.

Many people wonder why newly purchased wigs have an odor. These odors originate from the production process. Additionally, wigs may absorb odors from their surroundings, such as odors present in warehouses or packaging boxes.

How To Prevent Your Wig From Smelling?

Wash It Before Wearing

This is the most recommended method: regardless of how intense of the odor, it is advisable to wash newly purchased wigs. This is also the quickest way to remove wig odors, whether it's a newly bought wig or one that has been worn for some time which has became smelly. We don't recommend washing wigs frequently as it can shorten their lifespan, it may cause human hair wig being dryness. However, if a wig worn on the head has an odor, it's still necessary to wash it to ensure a pleasant experience.

Moreover, especially for newly purchased curly wigs, after washing and drying, the wearing effect is even better because the curls will be separated, resulting in more volume and fluffiness, look more beautiful.

do you need to wash a new wig

Ventilation And Airing

However, there are times when there's no time to wash a newly purchased wig before important events like parties or dates. What should you do in such situations? Because typically the odor of the wig is temporary and tends to dissipate over time, if you find the odor of your newly purchased wig unpleasant, you can try airing it out in a well-ventilated area for some time. Then, you can gently shake the wig upside down before wearing it for your event.

do you need to wash a new wig

Using White Vinegar

The above two methods are commonly used, but Using white vinegar, although less common, it is also another effective method for removing odors from a wig. Especially for human hair wigs, soaking them in a solution of white vinegar can also improve the softness and appearance of the wig. White vinegar is easy get and not expensive.

First mix a solution of water and white vinegar, then gently soak your new human hair wig in the solution, keep it for a short period of time, not too much time. Afterward, rinse the wig thoroughly with water and let it air dry. This can help remove any unpleasant odors and freshen up the wig before wearing it.

do you need to wash a new wig

Final Words

It is better to wash the new wigs before wearing it. Even your are too busy to wash the wig, take it out and let it ventilate for several hours before wearing. We advise you invest in high quality human hair wigs, good quality wig only have a light smell and the smell is easy to be removed. If you have any other methods to wash or remove smells from wigs, welcome you to leave your comment below.

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