Are you a typically wig-wearer? Have you ever been confused to this question “How to purchase a good wig”? So in today’s blog, you will get relative knowledge on how to purchase good wigs, range from the price factor, to specific affordable wigs.

How to Purchase Good Wigs

How to choose good human hair wigs

The knots size-tiny knots

Wig’s knots size is the first importance factor you need to considering when purchasing. When buying wigs, are you always unconsciously concerned about wig knots? We always want small size knots. The size of knots will determine how they will lift, tiny knots lift faster, tone properly to the lace, appears natural as soon as possible. Large knots, on the other hand, lift lower or do not lift at all, are difficult to tone, and do not seem natural. And when it comes to knots another thing to consider is bleaching knots. The smaller the knots the easier to bleach for that scalp look.

The significance of small knots on your lace. Take HD lace for example, HD lace is a type of lace used for human hair wigs and extensions that creates a more natural-looking hairline.

Now, when it comes to knots on your HD lace, tinier is definitely preferable. The smaller the knots, the more natural your hairline will look. This is because tinier knots are less visible, which means they won’t create that tell-tale grid-like pattern that can give away that you’re wearing a wig or extensions.

Additionally, tinier knots also indicate less irritation and discomfort. When knots become too large, they might press on your scalp, causing discomfort, which is obviously undesirable. But with the smaller knot, you’ll experience less friction and more comfort overall, you couldn't even feel the existing of it.

What’s more, nowadays the wig supplier is devoting more of its energy to researching what can be done to make wig knots tinier, tinier sized wig knots are the future trend of wig market.

So be sure to prioritize small knots wigs. It may seem like a small detail, but trust me, it can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your hair.

The price

We have to say, as with most things in life, higher quality often translates to higher price. So a good wig will always be expensive. A human hair wig is more expensive than that of synthetic hair, but it is more cost-effective in the long term. With a bit of care and the correct wig maintenance products a human hair wig can last for over a year, while synthetic wigs tend to need replacing sooner.

What’s more, if you want to a wig but don’t want to concern about people staring at your hairline, you will need to some more money; if you want the wig hold the curl and color, you will need more; if you want a wig to have invisible knots, you will need some money. Expensive wigs has its reasons. Anyway, if a wig is cheap and of good quality, you better think twice before you buy it.

The lace type

Lace is an important part of a wig. Even though there are several types of lace materials that are used to create wigs, only three types of lace are considered quality materials. Swiss Lace, transparent lace, and HD lace are commonly used by the best wig makers to create wigs. If you have a limited budget, you can choose Swiss lace, because Swiss lace materials are considered durable , natural but less expensive. If you don’t care the price, choose HD lace wigs directly, Modern technologies are used to create HD laces and it’s The best lace available. they are softer and undetectable when placed on the skin surface. You will have to be closer to detect the lace.

Note that how the knots bleached

If you are considering to buy a pre-bleached wig, note that how the knots bleached. I don't know if you've noticed, good wig will always bleach like natural hair. But how do you know the knots bleaching technique, the most effective way is to ask the customer service to get real wig pictures.

Know the origin

Human hair wig according to the different regions, can be mainly divided into Brazilian hair, Mongolian hair, Indian hair, Burma hair, Vietnamese hair, and so on.

Brazilian hair is the best because of its good hair quality, very soft, and easy to style,so suitable for straight and wave hair.
The search volume of Mongolian hair has been on the rise in recent years because the hair is thick and tough, easy to keep curls, the curl is more durable, and it is not easy to break the hair and tie the knot.

So choose different human hair wigs according to different needs. 

Processing method

Unprocessed hair: unprocessed real human hair. Processed hair: Acid-treated, processed, short life span.
Virgin hair: cut from the head, the top layer is not inverted hair, hair root and hair end in the same direction, unprocessed, not easy to tie knots.
Remy hair vs Non-remy hair: remy hair is a better choice. remy hair means all the cuticles in the hair remain intact and facing in the same direction. This means the hair is less likely to shed/tangle.
And if it's from a single donor (all the hair came from one person), it's more likely to be of higher quality.

Learn about the the store you’re purchasing

Shopping wigs online is a great choice to buying on a budget, but it can be hard to identify the wigs quality, because we cannot touch and feel it, so do your research on the brand you are purchasing. Research is essential. There are several internet retailers who offer low-quality hair at a hefty price.

Conduct some research to discover what they’re all about.
Examine their about sites and their social media profiles, and see if they provide customer service whether by phone or email.
Check out how long they've been in business and look at their customer reviews.
Look for if the wig store or brand provide a strong return policy, it shows the retailer is confident in their products and the wig is more likely to be of good quality.

You can always trust ISEE Hair and the products we sell, we specialize in high quality 100% human hair, we've been in hair business for over 20 years, we have our own factory, which provide flexibility for hair produce and high quality hair at affordable prices.

All our wigs are 100% human hair, no chemical altered and we supple only the best grade of superior hair. What’s more, we have a robust and convincing return and exchange policy and customer service system, our return policy lasts 15 days, and all our wigs support 15 days no reason to return.

In conclusion

The hair industry is booming, but more options comes with indiscernible quality issues. It can be a really time-consuming and energy-consuming thing to purchase a good quality wig. But don’t worry. Look out for our guide to buying good quality human hair wigs.

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