Cutting lace is one of the most crucial methods you can do to make a wig appear more natural and realistic, but many wig wearers don't know how to cut it on a lace front wig lace front wig, and it's astounding how many people have completely destroy a wig by cutting lace. So in today’s blog, we just want to show you how to do it. Follow our step-by-step instructions for cutting lace and you'll find that it's not a complicated thing to achieve, it's just easy to practice.

how to cut a lace front wig

Before cutting the lace of your wig

1.Lace cutting tools you may need

Having the appropriate tools is half the battle in getting the greatest lace cut possible. Make sure you have at least the following tools.

2.Plucking the hairline of the Wig

If you look at your natural hairline, you’ll see that the hairs isn’t super thick and straight. Therefor, to make the wig look natural and seamless, you need to pluck the hairline, which means getting rid of the excess hair around the hairline of a wig.

put your hair on the wig stand

First place the wig on the wig head and secure it with a pin, this will prevent the wig from moving and slipping off during subsequent hair pulls.

wet hair with spray

It doesn't have to be soaking wet, just to a damp state, which can make it easier to pluck.

begin plucking

Use one hand to take a small, thin piece of hair at a time in the hairline area while holding the tweezers in the other hand. Pull out about one-half of these hairs at a time. Be gentle during the plucking process to avoid tearing the lace. What’s more, we do suggest you begin plucking above the ear area and work your way up to the middle of the wig.

Detailed steps for cutting lace

Follow these concrete steps for how to cut a lace wig

Step 1. Braid Hair

Hide your own hair in brides or a low bun, which makes the hair flatter. The flatter the hair, the better the wig will fit on the head, aiding in the following determination of the proper position of the cutting line.

Step 2. Put the wig on your head

Put the wig on your head and maintain the flatness of your lace. Then visualize that you are about to install the wig, followed by determining the proper position of the wig on your head. Pull the lace forward. The lace should extend a few inches beyond your natural hairline.

Step 3. Cut the ear edges lace

Before you begin this step, run a comb through the wig (especially near the ears), then secure the wig above the ears with clips, leaving the lace near the ears. Finally, just cut off the lace near the ears with scissors, eyebrow shaper, or razor(any tool that feels comfortable for you).

Step 4. Cut the lace

Put the wig on a wig head or still on your head. For beginners, we recommended that put it on a wig head. Use one hand to pull the lace tight and the other to hold the tool. Make a split in the middle of your hairline. Then start cutting at one sideburn.

Simple version: cut the lace along the straight line. Don’t cut too much lace off. Leave a little right where the hairline starts.
Advanced version: make sure to cut as close to the hairline as possible in a jagged zigzag motion for a undetectable look. There’s an already made scissors for zigzag motion, you can use zigzag scissors if you believe work smarter not harder.

P.S. Holding the lace relatively taut will make it simpler to cut, so do so throughout the entire cutting procedure.

In conclusion

Cutting lace on a wig may be intimidating the first time, But everything is difficult until it becomes easy. Follow our step-by-step tutorials with lots of practice, then you'll find it's not that hard, like a piece of cake!

If you're not the hands-on type. Don’t worry, we have you covered with pre-cut lace and pre-plucked hairline wigs.


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