Do you like to add a personal style to your newly wig, such as curls? Are you interested in learning how to curl a human hair wig? Although you can straightly buy a curly wig, creating your own curly hairstyle can be more satisfying. Today's article might help you, it is about how to curl a wig.

how to curl a wig

Why Use Heat Method To Curl a Wig?

Compared to non-heat styling methods, using heat styling curls is more time-saving and convenient. Non-heat methods often involve dampening your wig, using bendy rollers, or plaiting your hair, followed by waiting for several hours or even overnight for the curls to set and define, which is not friendly to those with a busy lifestyle. Plus, human hair wig can be styled and heat curling or straightening like your own hair.

How To Curl a Wig-Beginner Friendly

Now, we officially begin the tutorial on how to curl a human hair wig using the heat method. You can either directly wear the wig on your head and then use the heat tools, or you can work on a wig head. The following tutorial is a comprehensive guide, covering putting on a wig, curling a wig, styling a wig and got that gorgeous curls final look.

Put On Wig

Before putting on the wig, thoroughly comb through it to ensure there are no tangles or knots. Newly purchased wigs usually have minimal tangles, this step is optional. If you're planning to install a wear and go wig, you'll likely find it easy to put on and may even crazy how effortless it is. However, for lace front wigs, a tutorial and guidance are needed if you are a beginner. If you're interested, we have another article guiding you on how to put on a wig.

Melt Down·Hot Comb·Laid Down

Focus on hair along the parting and melt them down to achieve a smooth look. That’s to say using a hot comb to lay down hair along the parting.

Begin Curling

Firstly, heat up your curling wand in advance, until the temperature around 80°C. You may find temperature settings in the user manual or consult the customer service for recommended and proper temperatures. We advise to perform a heat test on a small section of hair first, then observe the wig's tolerance to the set temperature. In case it destroys the wig.

Secondly, place your hair strands around the hair curler wand, and stay around 10 seconds to make it create the curl pattern.

Repeat the second step till you complete the curling process of all hair strands.

Break Curls Apart

After you finished the curling process, use your finger to break curls apart, this will add fluffiness and fullness to the wig. Make the wig looks more natural and voluminous.

Hairspray Hold The Curls

The final step is to set the curls, ensuring they can keep longer time and adding a subtle luster. You can use any styling or holding product you typically use for this purpose. Defining your curls.


Now that you've completed the creation of the entire curled textures hairstyle, you have a brand new look, transitioning from straight wig to curly wig, it is not difficult and complex as imagine. Don't forget to admire yourself in the mirror or take a picture to show off your new hairdo.

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