4C Hair Type

Do you have 4c hair, and you do not know how to grow it longer and how to define your 4c hair, you are not alone. Read on to know better of your 4c hair and have better control of your hair type. 

What Is 4C Hair

4C hair is regarded as the tightest coily curl hair, has a very tight zig-zag pattern. Type 4C hair has black or dark brown color, afro-kinky textured, coarse hair. 4C hair belongs to type 4 hair family,  is natural lift, fragile and dry, more prone to shrinkage and breakage. 

4C Hair Type

Type 4c hair: Afro Curly Wig

How to Grow 4C Hair

Hair grows from follicles on the scalp. And in most cases, the hair growth slow is cause by bad hair/scalp care habits. Plus, bad sleep or high stress will also damage to your hair. For 4c hair, some people thought they do not grow, it is not true, 4c hair are tight coily curls and it shrinkage very much, you should stretch it to straight to see its true hair growth length. How to grow 4c hair faster and longer?

* Reduce stress and sleep well

Bad mood and spiritual stress, or not sleep well will definitely affect 4C hair growth, even will cause bald spot or hair lose. So learn to express your stress out, release stress will helps you to have a good body, good health and good hair.

Apply peppermint oil to the scalp

When peppermint oil applied to the skin, it can increase blood circulation. This is great news for those who want to achieve rapid 4C hair growth, as promoting increased blood flow to the hair follicles can help hair grow. Why? Because blood carries all the nutrients and oxygen necessary for normal hair growth. Therefore, the more blood that is sent to your hair follicles, the more it will help your 4C hair grow properly!

Nourish 4c hair with protein

If your 4C hair isn't growing as fast because its breakage, you hair may lace of protein. You can use some Protein Repair hair products to help grow your 4c hair. After all, hair is made of protein! Therefore, supplementing your hair with protein can help restore a healthy, strong hair structure that prevents breakage. One of the ways to thicken hair is to use microproteins from plant sources. Because these microprotein molecules are so small, they can easily reach the hair where they are needed most.

* Wash correctly and deep conditioning

Wash your 4c hair 2-4 times one month. For 4c hair, deep conditioning is the most important step to keep its moisture, reduce hair breakage and help 4c hair grow faster and longer. Apply hair conditioner which can help for hair elasticity, moisure dry hair, and avoid hair breakage, with right hair conditioner, you will notice that your hair will get softer and more manageable.

Foods to eat to help 4c hair growth

Take more protein, calcium, colloid from food will help your 4c hair growth. Eat food like: meat, liver and spleen, egg products, soybeans, yogurt, fish and eat more dark vegetables, etc.

4c hair type

afro curly lace closure wig

How to Detangle 4C Hair

Using a wide tooth comb or use your finger to brush your 4c tight curl hair. By doing this, it will not shed your 4c hair, damage your curl pattern and will detangle the hair. When you comb your 4c hair, comb it from hair ends to hair roots, it will be more easier to brush your hair.

Comb your 4c hair when it is wet. When washing your hair, after you put on your hair conditioner, then comb your 4c curl hair; your tangled hair will be more easily to comb now and can help the hair conditioner cover hair strands evenly.

How to Make 4C Hair Curly

Type 4c hair tends to be dry and dehydrated. So to make the 4c hair defined and curly, the most important step is to moisture it.

1. Divide your hair into several sections. And start to define the 4c hair from the bottom part.
2. Spray your hair with some water to hydrated your 4c hair.
3. Detangle your hair with wide tooth comb.
4. Now you can use curly mousse or enhancing curl gel to add definition, shine and moisture to your 4c hair.
5. Finger curling your 4c hair to add more definition.
6. Finish the rest part of your 4c hair.

How to Make 4C Hair Curly

How Often Should You Wash 4C Hair

You can wash your 4c hair 2-4 times one month due to your scalp. If you wash your 4c hair type too often, it will be more prone to breakage. However, if you do not wash your 4c hair for a long time, the dust will clog hair follicles and affect hair growth.Remember not use hot water, use mild water to wash your 4C hair, hot water will increase hair breakage.

Is My Hair 4C or 4B?

4b hair vs 4c hair type

4c shrinks like fucking crazy and is extremely tight when it shrinks. 4b hair looks similar when dry but the curls fall when it gets wet. The curl pattern of 4b hair can be identified but 4c hair do not have a definite curl pattern.