4b hair

Some natural curly girl say that the hair type system is useless, and some say it does helpful. Well, finding your hair type is still necessary for natural curly girl to find best hair products and care routine to hold its curl pattern. It's just after knowing your curly hair type, you still need to incorporate with some factors like hair porosity, coarseness and thickness to make your natural hair healthy.

Today we will discover all things need to know about Type 4b hair, what is 4b hair look like, the best care routine and hairstyles that suits for 4b hair type. Many people have the cognition that type 4 hair tends to be afro, coily and coarse hair and pluffy.

4b hair Type tends to have a super tight curl, coily and ununiform hair curl pattern; but for people who may share the same 4b hair type curl pattern, their hair texture, porosity, thickness and coarseness can be different. To know more about 4b hair, keep on reading.

4b hair

What is 4b Hair?

4B hair is a kind of hair type that has a "Z" shape pattern, the hair texture of 4b hair are more coily, hair grows out and up, do not have a uniform curl pattern. The 4b hair is more prone to be dry, frizzy, fragile and breakage. Generally, 4b hair is fluffy and hard to hold its curl pattern.

Although you may have the same 4b hair type with someone else, you may still have very different hair condition. The 4b hair type can be coarse and soft, high porosity and low porosity, thin and thick.

And a truth for 4b hair type is even though your 4b hair is thin, it can be looks very full. Reasons belongs to its fluffy, hair grows out and up, hair shrink about 50% of their original length, hair dryness.

4b hair

What is The Difference Between 4b And 4c Hair?

4b hair resembling a “z pattern”, a tight curl and you can see it when you stretch it. 4c hair has afro hair, you can hardly see the curls with your naked eyes, 4c shrinks like fucking crazy and is extremely tight when it shrinks. 4b hair looks similar with 4c hair when they are dry, but the curls of 4b hair fall when it gets wet.

The difference between the 4b and 4c hair is how they take in moisture. Water makes 4c hair knot up way quicker. When the 4b hair was wet the shrinkage was looser & a bit more manageable. 4c hair needs more “training” & constant styling in order to achieve that over an extended amount of time.

Type 4b vs 4c Hair

How to Care For 4b Hair

To care for your 4b hair, first you should take measures to protect your hair and scalp health; And another essential care routine is to add moisture to your 4b hair.

1. Oil concoction for 4b hair health
Use oil concoction for hair growth and scalp health. Oils like olive oil, grape-seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil are good for scalp health and hair growth. Message it on your scalp, heat it up before use to make it effectively absorbed into your scalp.

2. Moisture 4b hair often
Moisture is the key for 4b hair. 4b hair tends to be dry and frizz, there is no such things of too much moisture for 4b coily hair. Use spray leave-in conditioner to moisture natural 4b hair. You can moisture your 4b hair everyday or once you feel your hair needed to be hydrated, keep your natural 4b hair texture bouncy, smooth, and defined.

3. Wash 4b hair 2-3 times one month
If your curls are dry, try washing less frequently. Use warm hair to open up your cuticles to help your hair absorb moisture and water. And using cooler water when rinsing out your conditioner to close up your hair cuticles and pores to scalp to help lock in the moisture to prevent frizz.

4. Use coily hair shampoo and conditioner
Use shampoo and conditioner that specifically formulated for coily hair, which is good for your 4b hair nourish and scalp health, and add moisture to your hair.

5. Detangle 4b hair gently
Use wide tooth comb to detangle your 4b hair, avoid ruin your curl pattern and damage your hair. Comb your 4b tight curl hair after you put on the conditioner, you can more easily to detangle your hair while your hair is wet and moisture.

6. Hair straightening mask
4b hair tends to be more drier and fragile, so hair straightening mask can be used to effectively straighten strands, add moisture and solve the frizz hair. Hair straightening mask can intensely nourish, moisture, hydrate your 4b coily hair.

Hairstyles For 4b Hair Type

1. Fluffy Bun

Beautiful and super easy messy bun hairstyle for natural 4b hair. A woman can never go wrong with a classic bun.

4b hair

2. Twist two strand

Twist two strand hairstyle is a protective style for natural 4b hair, will help to make your hair looks fuller and healthier and stronger. Perfect for vacations. They don’t pull on the scalp and they keep the ends stretched.

4b hair

3. Two space buns

Two space buns for 4b hair type looks great, just look like puff balls on a winter hat. Very easy and cute fluffy hairstyle.

Type 4b Hair

4. Pixie cut

Short pixie cut hairstyle looks good with 4b coily hair type. Those little curls gives the short pixie cut more definition and pattern.

Type 4b Hair

5. Bantu Knots
Bantu Knots is a traditional afro hairstyle, it is a great protective hairstyle to rock your natural 4b hair. Keeping your hair tight, tamed, and free from chemical processing and heat styling.

4b hair

6. Coily hair scarf

Hair scarf can fully cover frizz, fluffy and long hair, protect your hair strands well while you take a nap. Hair scarf hairstyle can be a great hairstyle for natural 4b hair.

4b hair

7. Afro curly ponytail
Drawstring ponytail, can be used for creating a very quick and defined hairstyle for black women. Get quick afro curly ponytail for a job morning.

Drawstring ponytails