Wig Length Chart

When buying wigs, how to choose the suitable wig length? If you have this question, this blog is for you to pick the perfect hair length for your needs. We'll go over the difference of various wig lengths, how to measure wig lengths of various hair textures and help you determine which wig will suit you best.


1. Wig Length Categories
2. Various Wig Lengths Comparison
3. Wig Lengths of Different Hair Textures
4. How to Measure Wig Length
5. How To Choose Your Best Hair Length
6. What Length of Wigs Can I get
7. What is the Most Popular Hair Length of Wigs

Wig Length Categories

Short Length Wig: short wigs are wigs come in anywhere to 10 inches long.

kinky curly bob lace wig

Medium Length wig: also can be called shoulder length wig, are from 12 inches to 16 inches long.

medium length wig

Long Length wig: long wigs are from 18 inches long to 24 inches long. A long length wig is a wig that has the hair length past your mid back. 

body wave glueless hd lace wig

Extra Long wig: extra-long wigs are 26 inches and longer, we have long to 32 inches wigs.

long length wig

Various Wig Lengths Comparison

A 10 inch wig can create a popular blunt cut bob. When it comes to straight hair, it has a length between the chin and shoulder, which is chic and cool. Not as short as 8 inches, not too long to cover your clavicle, a 10 inch bob is the perfect bob length.

12 Inch wig falls to your clavicle for straight hair. Add a more girly feel to your bob style. When it comes to wavy hair, it arrives at shoulder length, the classic bob length for wavy hair. 12 inch bob is easy to style and maintain.

14 inch wig comes between your clavicle and chest. For straight hair, 14 inch is medium length hair. 14 inch straight is long enough to create an updo style. For curly hair, 14 inch is shoulder length, a good choice for a cute curly bob hairstyle.

16 inch wig long to the upper chest, you can hardly call it a bob wig. Only when it is a tight curl hairstyle, it fall below your shoulder, and it is a curly bob wig.

18 inch hair is one of the most popular hair lengths; you can wear it in updos or downdos. 18 inches can be stylish and easy to style.

A 20-22 inch wig belongs to the long-length wig, which is long to mid-back. 20–22 inches of hair is the average length of women's hair. And the most popular wig length that customers choose.

A 24-26-inch wig reaches the lower back. Very attractive and beautiful. You can wear them on any occasion. Wigs of this length need extra care and have more versatility. Straight, wavy, and curly hairstyles at this length all look long and fabulous.

A 28 inch wig reaches waist-length. You may need to take some time to style and care for it. Wearing your super long 28-inch hair, you will get much attention. This wig length is definitely an additional element of your beauty.

Wig Lengths of Different Hair Textures

Different hair textures will require different wig lengths. The length of the wig also depends on the style you are trying to achieve.

Straight wig length

Straight hair runs ture to length, wavy and curly hair is measured when straight or stretched.

Wig Length Chart

Body wave wig length

Body wave hair will fall 2 to 3 inches shorter on your back than straight hair but can fall even shorter depending on how tight the curl pattern is.

Curly wig length

Curly hair will fall 2 to 4 inches shorter on your back than body wave hair and 3-6 inches shorter on your back than straight hair depending on how tight the curl pattern is.

Wig Length Chart

How to Measure Wig Length Based On Texture?

Wigs are measured from the root to the hair around the crown to the ends. Curly and wavy styles are measured the same way, but when taking the measurement, the hair pulled straight to get an accurate measurement.

Wig Length Chart

How To Choose Your Best Hair Length?

There are something need to be considered to choose the best hair length suit for you.

Hair type

If you have fine hair, you will need a shorter wig. Fine hair is more delicate and can be easily damaged. It is also more difficult to style. Fine hair wigs should be no longer than shoulder length.

If you have thick hair, you can go for a longer wig. Thick hair is easier to style and can hold its shape better than fine hair. Thick hair wigs can be any length from shoulder to waist length.

Face shape

Certain haircuts are more flattering on certain face shapes.

For example, long wigs are best for women with round faces who want to wear longer hairstyles.

A square face needs shoulder length haircut. The hair length past your jawline will cover the squre structure and helps to make you look more tender and softer. 

A heart or apple shape needs medium length wigs. Added with side parting and some bangs, create balance and highlight your beautiful jawline. 

Women with long face are suitable for medium length hairstyle or stylish bob hairstyles like layered bob, side-swept crop cut, asymmetrical bob.

Hair goals

Before choosing the wig length, you need to decide what hairstyles you want to have. Chic bob hairstyle or elegant long hairstyle, you need to consider before buying. In addition, if you have plans to restyle your wig in the future, you should pick a longer length wig.

Wig Length Chart

What Length of Wigs Can I get?

Wigs come in a variety of hair lengths, ranging from 8 inches to 40 inches. Depending on the style and texture you select, wigs can give you a chic bob to extra-long gorgeous hairdo.

What is the Most Popular Hair Length of Wigs?

The most popular hair lengths of wigs are 16-28inch wig length. 16-28 inch Wigs fall between your upper back to waist, they are not too short and not too long, give a universal look. They offer more diversity and easy to maintain.