When purchasing wigs online, you might hesitate due to uncertainty about your head size, fearing that the wig you buy may not fit properly—either too big or too small. However, don't worry! Today, we'll provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to accurately measure your head size. This will help you find a wig that suits your head size perfectly.

how to measure head for wig

Here Are Some Points To Note

·To measure accurately, it's important to have the right measuring tools. The ideal tool is a flexible measuring tape. However, if you don't have a flexible measuring tape on hand, you can use a piece of string. Ensure that the string is non-elastic, without any stretch, for an accurate measurement.

·Before measuring, we recommend prepare your natural hair first. You can choose to braid your hair into cornrows or create a low bun, commonly known as hiding your natural hair under a wig. This helps in maintaining a flat and smooth surface as our natural hair adds some thickness, ensuring the measurement results are as accurate as possible.

·Although measuring the head size might be a bit cumbersome, it's advisable to measure twice for more accurate results. This measurement can serve as a reliable basis for purchasing wigs, so taking the extra step to measure twice is recommended.

·Measuring your head size by yourself might feel inconvenient. If possible, seeking assistance from someone else can make the process easier. Sometimes, having someone else's help can ensure a more accurate measurement, especially when measuring around the head.

How To Accurately Measure Head-a Step By Step Guide

Step One: Circumference

It is the most important measurement data for purchasing a wig, which measures the circumference of your head. Start by placing the beginning of the tape measure at the middle of your forehead, right at the hairline. Then, in a direction you're comfortable with (either clockwise or counterclockwise), wrap the measuring tape around, passing along the back of your ear, the nape of your neck, completing a full circle, and finally back to the starting position.

Ensure the tape measure is snug but not too tight or too loose. Read the measurement where the end of the tape meets the starting point.

Step Two: Front To Nape

This measurement is relatively easy to take and can help determine the proper placement and length of the wig. The starting point for the measurement remains the same as the previous step: placing the measuring tape in the middle of the front hairline and following along the midline of your head all the way to the nape of the neck.

how to measure head for wig

Step Three: Ear To Ear Across Forehead

This is the distance from one ear across the forehead to the other ear, helping to confirm the width of the wig's front. Knowing this measurement is crucial if you intend to purchase a lace front wig.

Place the starting point of the measuring tape above one ear, follow along the contour of your forehead to the other ear, and read the measurement.

Step Four: Ear To Ear Over Top

Note the distinction from ear to ear across forehead. This is the measurement from one ear over the top of your head to the other ear, intended to help confirm the width of the wig's crown.

You need to place the beginning of measuring tape above one of your ears, then pull tape up and run the measuring tape over the crown of your head, ensuring it passes through the highest point of your head, to the area above the opposite ear.

Step Five: Template To Template Round Back

The length along the sides of the head, from one temple to the other. First, locate the position of your temples and align the beginning of the measuring tape with one of your temples. Then, pull the tape back and wrap it horizontally around the back of the head to the position of the other temple.

Step Six: Nape Of Neck

Measuring the width at the base of the neck helps ensure that a snug fit between the wig and the nape of neck. You need to place the measuring tape at the end of the earlobe and then pull it around the hairline at the nape of the neck to the position of the other earlobe.

If you don't want to read a text tutorial, I found a video tutorial below that is very detailed. It's three minutes long and has a high view count, which you can refer to.

Find Your Fitted Wig Size

Luckily, many pre-made wigs nowadays come in medium size cap , and you can make it tighter or looser by adjusting the elastic band to fit your head more snugly. But if you want to customize a wig, it's still important to know how to measure your head properly. All in all learning to measure your head size and knowing your head size is always a beneficial thing to do.


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