Choosing a real natural looking wig is not an easy thing, but it is significant. However, there is a lot of types of wig to choose, it will be a challenge to confirm which one is the truly realistic. So understanding the key factors of realistic look is essential to make an informed choice. In this blog, let’s explore what are the common features of realistic wigs and what types of wigs have a realistic appearance.

what types of wig look real

What are the Features of Realistic Looking Wigs?

Minimal Wig Knots

Bleached tiny knots are the ISEE upgraded tiny knots wig. On the base of the single knots, ISEE HAIR upgraded the single knots through several experiments, uses a single hair strand to form a knot, handcrafted onto a lace hole, ticking one hole and leaving one hole blank. The hair strands are finer, more densely tied together, and there are fewer blank lace areas. This creates an illusion that the hair is growing directly from the scalp.

What’s more, the knots affect how freely the hair moves and falls. Tiny knots permit more natural movement of the hair strands, allowing them to sway and fall similarly to natural hair.

what types of wig look real

Bleached tiny knots allow for a more natural appearance to the greatest extent, while can make the wig have the better blend with scalp. This is the crucial factor to consider when you purchase one wig.

Overall, wig knots are highly detail-oriented. However, the more attention wig brands devote to these details, the more they can elevate the realism of the wigs.

Hand-Tied Wigs

Hand-tied wigs mean natural hair strands are meticulously tied by hand to the lace top. The bigger the lace area is, the more natural the wig is. You can part the lace area freely, and looks just like your own scalp. The hair density of hairline part is often less dense compared to the rest of the wig to create a softer, more natural transition from the forehead to the hair. Hand-tied caps offer versatility in styling.That’s why hand-tied wigs are often considered more natural.

Swiss HD Lace

HD Lace is new innovative product in recent years. The term “HD” stands for “High Definition”, indicating HD lace offers the superior quality and realistic looking.

The HD Lace is thinner than other lace, so it will create a more natural appearance. The thin lace can mimic the appearance of the scalp, which make it more melted into the skin. It also has a seamless hairline, resulting in a more realistic and natural-looking wig.

Moreover, HD lace offers unparalleled versatility in styling, allowing for seamless integration with various skin tones and hair colors. Its transparent and natural appearance makes it suitable for individuals of all ethnicities and hair types, ensuring a perfect match and realistic look for each wearer. Whether styled in updos, ponytails, or parted in any direction, HD lace maintains its natural appearance without revealing the wig's presence.

what types of wig look real

100% Human Hair Wig

The huge difference between wigs is the material. Human hair wigs not only appear more realistic in appearance, but also have variety in style. However, human hair is a little different. The most popular and more expensive in Europe. The Indian ones are softer, more textured, and popular, but they are cheaper than Europe. And Chinese hair tends to be straight and stiff, the cheapest and the most popular. 

Synthetic wigs typically have a certain shine that differs from the natural shine of real human hair. This excessive shine might make the wig seem more artificial and less real. Natural human hair tends to have a more natural shine with subtle variations and texture, which is one of the reasons why synthetic wigs might not always appear as realistic.

what types of wig look real

Wig Cap Construction

You must be curious why the construction of the wig cap affects the realism of the wig. The design and structure of the wig cap play a crucial role in ensuring the natural and realistic appearance of the wig while being worn.

A well-fitted wig cap is essential for ensuring that the wig stays in place and feels secure throughout the day.
The wig cap comes with adjustable adjustment straps that can be adapted to any size of head circumference and shape. This can be prevented the cap from falling off when wearing, causing the wig to move slip off, and achieve a more natural and realistic effect.

The wig cap plays a vital role in comfort and breathability. It can be properly ventilation, let the wind blow into the inside of the cap, and prevent the scalp from being too hot and causing skin irritation. This is very important for scalp maintenance, especially for people who wear wigs for a long time.

what types of wig look real

Type Of Wigs Look Real

9x6 M Cap Wig Kinky Straight Glueless Human Hair

what types of wig look real


ISEE Wear Go V5 Tiny Knots Kinky Curly Glueless Wig

what types of wig look real


ISEE 360 Lace Wigs 100% Human Virgin Hair

what types of wig look real


In Conclusion

It is crucial to choose the suitable wigs for you. The human hair and HD lace are all the important factors for achieving the realistic looking. By following the above, you can get one your favorite!

You can purchase wig types like Wear & GO Wigs, M-cap Glueless Wigs and 360 Lace Wigs, which are giving natural realistic looking and are suitable for everyday wear. Welcome to ISEE HAIR.

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