Do you have a old long straight human hair wig? Over time, it became worn, and you want change into a bob wig. That’s really good idea. Cutting it into a bob could remove the damaged ends, can breathe new life into your old long wig, and contribute to the overall health and appearance of the wig. Today post is a step by step guide on how to cut wig into bob.

how to cut a wig into bob

Tips While Cutting

Remember to work slowly and carefully when cutting.

Wet hair is easier to cut and provides a cleaner finish.

Before cutting spend a few minutes gently brushing out your wig.

Take caution so that you don't cut your fingers doing this!!

Tools You May Need

Your old long straight wig
A wig head
A sharp scissor
A rat-tail comb
Some T-pins and hair ties or clips

Step One: Prepare Your Wig

Make sure your wig is clean, if not, shampooing, and conditioning it. Then, place the clean, dry wig on a wig head for easier handling, ensure the wig head is positioned on a flat surface, especially for those who have never cut a wig before.

Afterward, thoroughly comb through the wig, detangling it completely, with no knots present. If there are knots or tangles, it may result in uneven cutting, leading to a final outcome that falls short of expectations.

Step Two: Set The Parting Side

This step involves designing a parting for your long straight wig. For short hair, there are many choices, such as a middle parting, right-side parting, or left-side parting. Depending on your preference and the desired outcome for your short bob hairstyle, choose a parting style. Whether it's a middle parting, right-side parting, or left-side parting, all are classic choices for a bob wig. We recommend determining the parting in advance before starting the cutting process, as it can save time.

Step Three: Dampen Your Wig

Emphasizing this step: Dampen the hair using a spray bottle filled with water because wet hair is generally easier to trim and manage. It allows the scissors to smoothly glide through the hair, making the cutting process more controlled and precise. Just think about your last haircut at the salon; the hairstylist also started cutting with wet hair.

Step Four: Tie The Hair Into Sections

Divide all the hair of the wig into three sections: left section, right section, and back section. Secure each section separately with clips or hair ties. We will proceed to cut each section one by one.

Step Five: Starting Cutting From The Back Section

Commonly, we begin cutting from the back portions of hair. The back section serves as the foundation for the haircut. By starting here, you create a baseline length and shape that can be used as a guide when moving on to the sides section.

Step Six: Layering The Hair Before Cutting

Divide the back of the hair into two layers by creating a top section and a bottom section through a horizontal parting. Leave a thin layer of hair as the bottom section, while the remaining hair in the top section is secured at the crown. Begin cutting the layer left in the bottom section, ensuring that the hair in the top section does not interfere with the trimming of this lower layer.

Step Seven: Set The Length

Hold a small section of the bottom layer of hair. Pinch this section of hair between your index and middle fingers, slide downward to the desired length for the first layer.

how to cut wig into bob


Step Eight: Cut The Hair

After that, you can simply cut off the hair held between your fingers. As for the specific haircut method, I recommend either using a twist cutting technique or cutting the hair at a slight 45° angle.

After completing the cut of the bottom-most section, lay down a new section of hair for cutting. The length to be cut in this new section should be based on the recently trimmed bottom section but slightly longer, maintaining consistency by using the previous cut section as a guide for length.

Repeat this process for each new section, gradually moving upward. Continue this method until the entire back section of hair is cutting. Then, replicate the procedure to start cutting the left and right sections until the entire wig has been cutting short.

how to cut wig into bob

Step Nine: Blend The Layers

After completing the entire wig cut, use a comb once again to thoroughly brush through the short bob wig. This is done to blend the layers together.

Inspect the hair on both sides of the wig to ensure the lengths are consistent. If uneven, make slight adjustments by trimming the longer side for balance. Take this opportunity to trim any overlooked longer strands throughout the entire wig.

Step Ten: Final Touches

If you don't want the ends of the short hair to appear blunt, you can do some final touches. Use your fingers to pinch a small section of hair, slide downward to the ends, and use the tips of the scissors to make small notches in the hair strands. This can add a softer, textured finish to the bob hairstyle, making it look more refined.

how to cut wig into bob

Step Eleven: Style Your Bob Wig

This step is optional, you can now directly install the freshly transformed bob wig. But you can still choose to use a flat iron to make your bob wig look smoother and more polished.

To Sum Up

Now you have learned about how to cut your old long straight wig into bob wig. If you happen to have an old long wig, get started quickly and enjoy the fun of transforming it. Dive into the joy of revamping wigs!

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