One of the new introduces of our new wig products-ISEE M-cap wear and go wig-is the removable combs. However, we've noticed that some of our customers might be missing out on this design and maybe due to unfamiliarity or past habits. That's why we're here today writing this article to explain reasons for the removable combs design and why this new design can enhance your wig wearing experience.

why isee m-cap wear&go wig introduces removable combs?

Removable Combs-Extra Security and Flexibility

The M-cap 9*6 wear go wig are secure for daily wear without any combs. But there must be some special occasions in our daily life that require a more secure glueless wig, so we've equipped with removable combs inside the M-cap wig, These combs can guarantee a 100% secure fit, you can avoid any concerns about your wig shifting or sliding back during active moments or special occasions.

why isee m-cap wear&go wig introduces removable combs?

On the other hand, the removable combs design provides a high degree of flexibility. For girls who may not like the presence of combs in their wig, these combs are removable, you have the freedom to remove those combs. But if you enjoy a comb-free experience, you have the flexible option to easily remove them. Conversely, if you want extra security on glueless wigs and don’t care about these combs, you can add the removable combs to the wig.

Why We Add Removable Combs On Both Sides Of The Ears?

When we design the ISEE M-cap wear and go wig, we have to make a difficult decision: where to put the removable combs on. At first, we try the idea of using just one removable comb at the back. However, we found that using only the back removable comb would cause the wig pulling back, leading to your glueless wig sliding backward, thus your hair and wig cap will be noticed, it can be a awkward wig wearing experience. Because of this discovery, we also add removable combs on both sides of the ears.

why isee m-cap wear&go wig introduces removable combs?

This unique design has a big impact on both the comfort and security of wearing the M-cap wear and go wig. Whether you're swimming, bungee jumping, or skydiving, our glueless wig will stay securely in place on your head. Therefore, there’s no need for you to worry about your glueless ready to wear wig moving and shifting during active moments or under bright lighting during special events, such as dating.

Final Words

The removable combs on both sides also have their role to play. Don’t overlook them. Therefore, next time, if you want extra added security, remember to use the removable combs on both sides, too. Don't neglect them and rely only on the back removable combs.

All in all, as a wig brand, we really hope that your experience with our wig is as hassle-free as possible, we wish you fully enjoy outdoor activities without any concerns about your glueless lace wig becoming loose or shifting.

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