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Glueless Wigs

Glueless wigs are beginner friendly and can be installed with no glue or adhesive required. Wearing glueless wigs with elastic bands in 5 seconds, no glue, no lace cut, no plucking, no bleaching needed.

Isee hair is the first that brings glueless lace wigs into reality. Isee Hair invented pre cut lace design, and special wig cap designs which allows wigs to achieve glueless. Till now, Isee hair continues to be the first one that offers the most comfortable glueless wigs.

What is a Glueless Wig?

Glueless wigs can be also called no glue wigs, has an invisible hd lace front, use 100% human hair, super realistic hair look. Isee wear and go glueless wigs are the best pre-cut lace Glueless wigs for beginners, super secure when wearing, very convenient to install in the morning, and take it off at night, get it with the best discount.

How to Install a Glueless Wig?

1. Braid your hair or create a low bun or ponytail, make it flat.
2. Take your wig out of the box, and adjust the elastic band according to your head size.
3. Flip the lace front, put the glueless wig on your head, and pull the elastic band to the back to achieve a secure fit.
3. Adjust the glueless wig to make it align it with your natural hairline.
4. Use the removable combs to give a more secure result.
5. Style your human hair glueless wig to your dream look.

Why Choose Isee Hair Glueless Wigs?

Isee Hair is the first that brings out pre cut lace design. With professional pre cut lace technology, special 3D dome cap, head-fitted wig cap and elastic band. Isee Pre everything wear go glueless wig is super easy and effortlessly to wear and you can achieve your dream hairstyles easily.

1. Pre-everything. At first, we have pre cut lace wigs, to make the wig install more easy, give more natural results, and better service to customers, we pre plucked, pre bleached, tiny knots hd lace. Pre-everything so I don’t have to do anything, take it out of the box, wear it in seconds and you are ready to go.

2. Lace area more bigger. Begin from 4x4 lace, upgrade 6x4 lace front, and now we have upgrade 9x6 m cap glueless wig. More lace area, more natural looking, more versatile styling options.

3. More secure. Apart from elastic band to secure and we added removable combs to secure your glueless wig, you can choose to wear the combs or not according to occasions and your preference.

4. More comfortable. New upgrade C shape ear design, more comfortable. No friction and damage to your ears, more comfortable and glass wearer friendly.

Is Isee Glueless Wig Are Human Hair?

Yes, 100% human hair. Isee glueless wigs are made of top quality unprocessed virgin human hair, very silky, soft and smooth.

Is Isee Hair Glueless Wig Are Glueless Lace Wigs?

Yes, Isee hair glueless wigs are glueless lace wigs. Hd lace front, dome cap, pre cut lace are the main elements of Isee glueless wigs. But if you are looking for other no glue wigs like v part wigs, wigs with bangs, headband wigs, we are here for you.

Is Glueless Wig Secure?

Secure enough. We got elastic band and removable combs to secure the wig. Moreover, Isee glueless wig cap applies special 3D dome cap and conforming head shape lace front design, which makes the wig more secure.

Isee Hair's Worry-free Return Policy

Want to return or refund the Isee hair products?  No problem. We have free shipping and 30 days no return policy, enjoy worry-free to shop here.


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Please Note: For wigs and hair bundles, please stretch the hair to straight first then measure the longest hair from the top to the bottom.

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