If you obtain one straight hair wig, but you still want to experience curly hair, without spending a fortune on another curly hair. you can try to roll up the styling yourself. You just need to have a little patience, correct steps and the right tools, you can achieve a wig with curly hair styling. In this guide, we will help you styling your curls, as well as get some tips and tricks for using them.

step by step: how to curl a wig?

How To Curl A Wig?

Next, using the right tools, follow the steps below to get the curls you want.

Choose the Right Tools

Wig Holder:You can hold the wig in place when styling.

Curling Iron: Adjust the temperature to avoid overheating or underheating.

Styling Spray: Maintains the longevity of curly styling.

Hair hot melting: Before curling your hair, it is important to know if your wig is heat-resistant. Checking the heat resistance of the wig in advance ensures that the styling of the wig goes smoothly and not cause irreparable disasters.

Comb the Tangle

Before curling your hair, gently comb through the wig a wide-toothed comb or wig comb to remove any tangles and help ensure a silk smooth finish.

Wig Separated

Divide your hair into 4 parts: up, down, left, and right. Hold these four parts of four in place separately with large hair clips, leaving a portion of freestyle each time. This makes each section of the hair more even and easy to manage, preventing tangling.

Curl the Hair on the Lower Left Side

Pinch a small handful hair from this layer, press up the metal clip of the curling iron to wrap the hair around the curling iron, the clamp of the curling iron will hold the hair to the top of the tube and heat it, leave it on for about 10-15 seconds, and then release the hair. (Tips: You can wear a glove to avoid burns, curly hair put that temperature is too high, improper operation will cause burns.)

Curl the Remaining Hair

Pinch the next handful of hair in the same steps as above. Until all four sections are completely rolled. Once the hair has cooled, proceed to the next step. (Tips: the left side of the hair is wrapped in the opposition direction to the right side of the hair, so that a more natural effect can be achieved.)

Break up

Curls If you want a more natural and aesthetically pleasing curly style, you can choose this step. Use your hands or a wide-toothed comb to separate each volume for a fuller look.

Gel styling

If you want to style your curls longer, you can use hairspray at least 7-8 inches away from the wig to prevent uneven spraying that can lead to rough and unnatural curls.

Extra Tips

Tips1: Make sure that all the curls are oriented in one direction, and your wig will look neater and smoother.

Tips2: Pay attention to the bangs and hair around the lower face.

Tips3: If you don’t like or not satisfied with the curl, straighten the hair and continue curling. Try again and again to get the curly look you like.


For many people, wigs are an important part of a personal style. It allows you to change your look every day, or you can also customize your hairstyle for special occasions. Creating a suitable, natural wig style is a crucial step in creating a personal style.

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