Type 4 hair are also refer to coily hair, kinky hair or afro hair. The Type 4 hair can be subdivided into 4a 4b and 4c hair type. Know your curly or coily hair type and take good care of them.

Type 4 Hair

Type 4A Hair

4a hair type

The curl of 4a hair type is independently spiraling or curling away from other neighboring curls, so there are no much interlocking between the curls.

Because of the curls are not that tight and no much interlocking in it, this hair type is not so easy to breakage and not as fragile as Type 4b and 4c hair.

A negative point of 4a hair type is that it can not keep styles for a very long time.

When it comes to hair shrinkage, type 4a hair will not shrinkage as much as type 4b and 4c hair. The type 4a hair may shrink about 20% of true hair length.

Type 4a hair are more easier to keep hair moistured by using a slightly of olive oil and some leave-in conditioner.

Type 4B Hair

4b hair type

Type 4b hair have tight curls and not extremely tight coils. 4b curls are tighter and a bit of more narrow in diameter of spring curls than 4a hair type.

4b hair type has moderate breakage when you neglecting your hair like not properly washing, conditioning, and detangling your hair.

4b hair type can hold styles for about a week without afraid of the curls reverting back.

The shrinkage of 4b hair is more severe than 4a hair type, it could be 50% shrinkage of the true hair length. But the shrinkage of 4b hair is nothing compared with 4c hair.

Type 4C Hair

4c hair type

4C hair type looks like afro when you see it. But you can see very little tiny springs when you take a closer look. The diameter of the 4c coil hair is very small and very hard to see with your naked eye.

Type 4C hair is very fragile, it breaks so easily because the curls are so tight and small and they wind around and interlock each other all the time.

4C hair type shrink is very severe and it is literally only 25% of your true hair length.

Type 4c hair is quite dry and it is very difficult to keep the moisture for a long time. This 4c hair type is more drier, coarser and kinky than other hair type.

Type 4 Hair Care Routine

Let me give you my best curly hair routine to keep your Type 4 hair in consistent, resilient and moisture state.

People with type 4 hair maybe have dry, stiff, coarse hair before caring. And women with type 4 hair are more prone to have multiple hair types. And it is hard to care for people with multiple hair patterns.

1. Shampooing your hair
Drench or soak your type 4 hair and make sure you get as much water in the hair as possible. Use moisturizing and softening shampoo to wash your hair, it will perfectly hydrating and soften your type 4 hair.

2. Focusing on the tighter curl pattern
If you have multiple type 4 hair curls, focusing the tighter curls, and other hair will stay in line. Streatch the tighter part of the hair, so it can be even throughout or looks more even. Like you can make a low bun to lightly stretch it or using a banding method where I apply 3-4 rubber bands throughout the hair.

3. Finger Coiling
Finger coiling is definitely a good go-to method for more definition. It is the quickest way to achieve definition. And you can just take a strand of hair in the middle and take some front pieces and mix it into a twist, and you can create a more uniform shape of hair.

4. Hydration
Hydration is the most essential step in the entire hair care routine. For Type 4 hair, the hair is dry, no matter how much moisture you took it the hair, a few days later it is visibly drier. It is very difficult to hold the moisture, so add oil and hydration to your hair is very important.

5. Hair Dryer diffuser
Use hair dryer diffuser to help you hold curls better, reduce frizz and dry your curly hair beautifully. Perfectly suitable for Type 4c curly hair.

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