When talking about Black women hair, it always comes to the question "Why do black women wear wigs?". Black women wear wigs, weaves, and hair extensions for a variety of reasons. Some takes wigs as a genuine protective style, some are discontented with the Length and Texture of natural hair, or for wavy and straight hair has more styling versatility, some are for natural afro hair requires more care, some women suffer from hair health problem, some are searching for social approval, I think all of those reasons are perfectly valid.


Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs 

1. Some wear hair extensions as a genuine protective style
Wigs are the best and the easiest protective style. You have direct access to your scalp for frequent washing and oiling, you can trim your hair while it’s in the wig braids, and it’s easier to moisturize and protect the ends of your hair when they’re braided.


2. Discontented with the Length and Texture of natural hair
Some black women wear wigs and hair extensions because they are truly discontented with the length and texture of their hair. They want to have the choice to basically have different hairstyles, want to try different things, want to try a variety of styles.

3. Wavy or straight has more styling versatility
Some Black women want to be versatile and change our hair everyday of the week. Different hair styles that can be used on natural afro hair which is limited compared to straight or wavy hair.


4. Natural afro hair requires more care
Some black women wear wigs because caring for their natural 4c hair on a daily basis doesn’t fit into the demands of their lifestyle.

Natural afro hair requires much more care than straight hair and straightened hair. The time and effort it takes to handle afro textured hair or afro kinky hair right now where everything runs fast. black women don't have the time to manage their natural hair when it comes to trying to go to work, a party, a family reunion and a job interview.

5. Hair health problem
Some black women suffering from hair loss, bald spots, or traction alopecia, so it is necessary to wear a wig. Give beauties more confidence and looks stunning.

6. Social Pressure
For some black women, people will become sensitive when it becomes to our natural hair. They will ask:" Is it your hair? or why your hair grew overnight?". Personally some black women wore straight weaves to make others feel more comfortable. Some thinks the obsession with weave is based on centuries of messaging that natural hair is unacceptable. Make yourself happy, it is your personal choice, you can either look like afro kinky, or can look this bone straight.

I think all of those reasons are perfectly valid. Also you can care for your hair and still invest in wigs, hair weave and other clip in extensions. There is nothing wrong with a woman enhancing her beauty. The creativity of what I've seen what you ladies do with your hair is amazing!! Keep being glamorous!!