In recent years, Instagram and other social medias have allowed more and more people to realizing the benefits of natural hair wigs. If you're planning to purchase a 100% human hair wig, you must be wondering why human hair wigs are so expensive. So in today’s blog, let’s learn about factors that make human hair costly.

why are human hair wigs more expensive

Why Are Human Hair Wigs More Expensive Than Other Types Of Wigs?

Higher Quality

The quality of the human hair is a significant determinant of price. Human hair wigs made from premium, unprocessed, and virgin hair tend to be more expensive. This hair is often healthier, less damaged, and maintains its natural characteristics. Wig manufacturers obtain these hair source and pay for the actual hair add up to the cost of the human hair.

Longer Lifespan

Human hair wigs are more durable and can last for several years with proper care, making them a better long-term investment compared to synthetic wigs.

More Time-Consuming

The production and processing of human hair wigs are labor-intensive and time-consuming, involving skilled artisans who handcraft the wigs. This meticulous work contributes to the higher price.

High Demand But Limited Supply

Thanks to social media, the demand for high-quality human hair wigs is becoming significant. But hair growth cycles are slow, it takes around two months on average to grow one inch of human and fewer and fewer people are willing to contribute their hair for free. Additional, it may take around eight ponytails to make a single human hair wig. This limited supply of natural human hair and scarcity in the market can drive up the cost.

More Natural Look And Comfortable

Human hair wigs offer a more natural look and feel. They mimic the behavior of natural hair and are more comfortable to wear for extended periods. The comfort and authenticity they provide are part of the reason for their higher price.

why are human hair wigs more expensive

Factors Contributing To The Price Of Human Hair Wigs

Source Of Hair

The origin and source of the human hair play a significant role in the price of the wig. Hair sourced from different regions or countries may have varying qualities, textures, and costs. For example, hair from European are scare and difficult to obtain. That’s why European hair is the most expensive. Beyond that, Brazilian, Mongolian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian hair are also popular choice for its texture and quality. Prices are second only to European hair.


The length of the hair used in the wig affects the price. One the one hand, longer hair generally costs more than shorter hair because it requires more raw material, and it is in higher demand for long wigs, recently. On the other hand, shorter hair is easier to find and is the most commonly sourced across the industry. However, it is much difficult to get longer hair, it takes longer to grow, so longer hair is harder to source and therefore it's a lot more expensive.


Making a human hair wig is a complex and time-consuming process, involving obtaining quality human hair, cleaning, detangling, sorting, attaching it to a lace base, and finally hand-tying the knots of the hair strands. The hair was sorted by length, color and texture.

To mimic the appearance of hair growing out of the scalp, each hair strands is hand-tie on to the wig cap, the knotting technique also differs depending on the natural flow of human hair. The hair at the top of the head requires a different knotting technique because this is where most people part their hair and attempt various stylings.

why are human hair wigs more expensive

Ultimately, to meet different people’s hair styling needs, human hair wigs will go through different processes such as dying, coloring, curling, and so on.

The more intricate and time-consuming the craftsmanship, the higher the cost.

Material Quality

One of the most important components of a human hair wig is lace, which is used to create a natural-looking hairline and parting. When you're looking at a high quality human hair wig, you will find they claim they use transparent lace, Swiss lace or HD lace. These lace materials are commonly used in human hair wigs, of which HD lace, which is of the best quality, blends well with a variety of skin tones, and is of course more expensive than transparent lace and Swiss lace.

why are human hair wigs more expensive

Cap Construction

How the wig cap is constructed also influences the cost. Human hair wig caps are usually handmade, not mechanism. Take ISEE human human hair wig for example, we use advanced cap construction techniques that not only enhance security, but providing comfort, breathability, and the wig's overall lifespan.

To Sum Up

we've covered a lot of information today. Hopefully you gained a lot of useful insight about why human hair expensive than a synthetic hair wigs. Although human hair wigs are relatively expensive, whether believe it or not, once you’ve tried wearing a human hair wig, you will realize that it gives a more natural look and lasts longer, so in the long run, it is cost effective.

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