When you learn how to tell processed hair and unprocessed hair, you will never be scammed due to unknowledge about hair.

According to hair sources, the hair can be divided into two kinds of hair, one is fallen hair and the other one is donor's hair.

What is fallen hair?
Fallen hair is collected from floors, brushes, brooms, used combs, salon. and to make it nice and presentable, it's deeped into silicone and different types of chemicals and acid to make it appear better than what it actually is and that is what gives it the nice and shiny appearance along with the actual texture that it comes with to this, this explains why unprocessed hair company can really guarantee longevity while processed hair company can not. this also explains why no processed hair company can consistently provide high-quality hair, it's impossible to ensure that the cuticles are aligned and intact,

The cuticles already going to be issued since they are misaligned and these chemicals do give them a lovely look but these chemicals are not made to last will fade away, wash away, when you wash the hair, it does not last, that's because this hair is processed, that's why we encourage everyone to become more knowledgeable of what is it that you are purchasing,
steam is used to achieve different textures, if you continue to purchasing processed hair you can always expect to deal with inconsistency with hair that has a short lifespan and you will always have to buy hair,

raw hair is 100% Remy hair, is donated from real human and the hair is then collected, washed clean sanitized and then send out to distributors, this hair is not treated with chemicals this hair is not processed hair, instead of gambling your money,