Are you a wig wearer? Have you ever bleached knots on the wig to make it more natural or applied heavy makeup in the lace area for a more natural hairline? Do you know and tried out a pre-bleached knots wig? So in today’s blog, let explore why should we try bleached knots wig?

why should we try bleached knots wig

Why Should We Bleach Knots On Wig?

Invisible Wig Knots

In the wig production process, the hair strands are fastened to the lace by forming knots, usually single knots, or double knots, where one, two or more hair strands are secured to the lace to form wig knots. The more hair strands, the more visible. Besides, if your wig color is black or brown, these black dots will be more noticeable. So the primary reason for bleaching knots is to make them less visible.

why should we try bleached knots wig

Make Your Wig Look More Realistic

Bleaching knots make the color of your wig knots lighter, thus these knots will appear less visible and look more natural. This process significantly contributes to the overall realism of the wig.

Mimic Hair Growing From The Scalp

At ISEE hair online shopping store, our new upgraded wear go wig not only introduce single knots, but along with pre-bleached knots tech, which aim to achieve the effect of tiny knots. Whether close up or from a distance, mimic the way hair grows from the scalp.

why should we try bleached knots wig

Blend The Wig Seamlessly And Easily

Although, we use HD lace on the lace part of our wear go wigs, we have found limitations in that for some, the transition among the scalp, the dark wig knots and the wig cap can be a challenge, requiring the use of make up. However, bleaching tiny knots can help facilitate a seamless blend between the wig and the scalp. This seamless makes it challenging for others to discover whether or not you wear a wig, providing a more realistic and authentic beauty.

Save Your Time And Energy

Have you ever experience bleaching your human hair wig and ruin it by yourself at home? It’s really hard for us to bleach a wig like pro. But it is a fact that we have to do something to a unbleached knots wig to conceal those unnatural dark knots. We also found some girls use makeup on the visible knots and try to conceal those, however, you have to frequently wash the lace area, and it will easily make the wig build up, tangling and shed.

So bleached knots wigs provide a ready-to-wear solution for those seeking a more natural look without investing extra time and energy.

why should we try bleached knots wig



By buying wigs with pre-bleached knots, you can avoid additional costs, because purchasing bleaching materials or seeking professional services to achieve the same effect also need money. This makes the purchase more cost-effective and convenient for individuals seeking a realistic and effortless hair solution.

Why We Introduce Bleached Tiny Knots Tech On Our Wear Go V5 Wig And M-Cap 9*6 Wig?

Do you want a wig that seamlessly blends with your scalp, like the natural growth of hair? At ISEE Wear Go V5 wig and M-Cap 9*6 wig, we understand your desire for realism and effortless beauty. That's why we've introduced the innovative bleached tiny knots technology in our human hair wigs.

You no longer struggle with bleaching knots at home, may causing risk damage to your precious wig. Inspired by our customers, we've heard your concerns and have taken steps to make your wig wearing process simpler. The introduction of bleached tiny knots ensures that your wig arrives ready-to-wear, these knots are expertly bleached to perfection.

The reason we incorporate this technology, we aim to meet your demands for a more natural appearance. With ISEE pre-bleached tiny knots wig, say goodbye to visible knots and hello to a more realistic scalp-like look. It can enhance your wig wearing experience, give you the confidence to effortlessly showcase your beauty and style. You don’t need to worry about the realism of your wig.

ISEE Brand commit to innovate new human wigs and we understand our customers’ needs, therefore, driving us to continually improve our human hair wig. We strive to offer you wigs that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Does Bleaching Knots Cause Shedding?

Compared to a unbleached knots wig, the knots of a bleached knots wig will be less strong. The chemical process of bleaching a wig can lighten the wig knots color, and also make the knots slightly brittle. So when combing and washing a bleached knots wig, remember with more gentle and patience to prevent the wig from shedding.

Can You Bleach Knots On Your Wig By Yourself?

Yes, we have another blog post on how to bleach knots on wig. But note Bleaching wig knots requires a certain amount of knowledge, and hands-on practice to not ruin a wig. Besides, only human hair wigs can be bleached. You have to mix the developer and bleach according to the wig’s size to avoid over bleached the knots. All in all, we not recommend bleach knots by yourself, especially, just base on videos online.

Where To Get The Best Pre-Bleached Tiny Knots Wig?

Our featured hot selling wig products-Wear Go V5 and M-Cap 9*6 wigs are the best bleached tiny knots wig you can get in the market. If you want to experience the different beauty, try our Wear Go V5 and M-Cap 9*6 wigs with bleached tiny knots tech. Besides, not only invisible and natural tiny knots, but comfortable ear C-shaped design, larger lace parting and styling space and removable combs for extra secure. For women who prioritizes the authenticity of wigs, they are the best fit, won’t let you down, where effortless beauty meets your expectations.

why should we try bleached knots wig


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