If you are planning on getting a lace wig and your are a wig beginner, through this lace frontal wig install tutorial, hope you can laid one down and know how to melt a lace wig and make it look as natural as possible.

melt lace frontal wig

How To Melt Lace And Install A Frontal Wig

Bleach knots
So now when you first get your frontal wig, if the knots aren't already bleached, you're going to want to go ahead and bleach the knots. And Isee hair wig are pre-bleached, so there are no need to bleach it.

Use bleaching powder, three scoops should be enough. You can use 40 volume developer or 30 if you are a beginner. Mix your deleloper with bleaching power and make sure you get it thick enough to the point where the bleach just sits on the knots.

And when you're putting the bleach on your lace, make sure you don't be heavy-handed. Just to cover all of the knots, so that the knots can fade away and turn blondish. It will have the illusion that the hair is coming out your scalp once you are laying your wig.

bleach knots How To Melt Lace Wig

Note: If you do heavy-handed and over bleach your lace wig, you can just take a little bit of black hair dye to bring your knots back.

Check your hair every 10 minutes while you're bleaching. The bleaching time should be longer than 10 minutes and less than 30 minutes.

After bleaching, washing and conditioning your lace wig.

Plucking lace wig
When plucking, separate the front piece out. Because that's basically the pieces where you're going to be doing your baby hairs, so you don't want to pluck those too much, so that you can still have hair to work with in the front.

When plucking a lace wig, just go ahead and make everything a fast and steady motion and going from side to side, your hairline should look pretty natural. Every time don't stay in one area.

plucking lace wig How To Melt Lace

And also the more layers that you separate, the more natural it's going to look.

Taking your wax stick and take my hot comb as well and start just pushing the hair back. slicking it back so that when we are installing it, all the hair is slicked back in. It's very easy to like lay the lace down. and the hair won't be in the way.

Using your makeup foundation to tint the lace, the lace color will look exactly as same as your skin color.

make up lace wig How To Melt Lace Wig

Braid cornrow
Braid your hair to a cornrow and make it as flat as possible. Then slick your hairline back.

Braid cornrow How To Melt Lace Wig

Bald cap method
First wear your wig cap, you can use stocking caps or regular wig caps. And cut off the extra cap around ears. Just make sure the wig cap do not cover your ears.

wig cap method How To Melt Lace Wig

Use adhesive and put it over your hairline and do not put it where your hair is, put it before your hair starts, so that you won't tear your hair out when you taken off the bald cap.

Cut off the excessive cap that you don't need. Following up with some boho liquid gold on the edge, just to make sure that the wig cap is secure.

cut wig cap How To Melt Lace Frontal Wig Install

Then put your makeup foundation on the hairline part of the wig cap and it look so bomb.

Wiping off oil or makeup that got on your skin while applying the wig cap.

Using sea breeze to clean off all the makeup and all the excess products that was on skin when applying the wig cap, just to protect your skin.

Lace Wig Install
Wearing the wig and customizing wig to your head. Just placing it where you would want to lay it. And some wigs are probably not going to fit that close to your ears, so you cut it and make sure that it's fitting good on your head before you start installing.

wear lace wig How To Melt Lace Frontal Wig Install

Then glue-in lace wig. Do three layers of the glue. The first layer of glue is the smallest layer, and then the second layer a little bit more wide so that the wig can actually stick very well, and then the third layer just make it the same as the second. And you want to just dry your lace glue until it turns clear.

glue in lace wig How To Melt Lace Frontal Wig Install

Go ahead and put your wig down, use your comb and comb the lace into the glue and then that's going to help it really hold. Then take a elastic band and put it over your hair and sit under the dryer for probably like 25 to 30 minutes. After that our lace frontal is thick to our hair, it's not going anywhere.

Go ahead and start cutting off that lace. Use a razor or scissor to cut off the excessive lace. After cutting off the excessive lace, you can use your makeup foundation and apply it around the edges of lace to make your edges more natural.

cut lace Melt Lace Frontal Wig Install

Go over the hair with hot comb a little bit more and comb your hair back before we start doing our baby hairs.

Baby hairs styling
Separate our baby hairs first before we go ahead and lay our wig down one more time. Plucking a little bit more before we lay down the baby hairs, so that you can have a more natural look

If you feel like the baby hairs too thick, you can always pluck them. Using glue or foaming mousse to do baby hairs.

Just shaping them to how you want your baby hairs to look. And you can use straightener for the sideburn part, to curl it a little bit and get that little curls. That's a little trick you can do.

baby hair styling How To Melt Lace Wig Install

If you are a new to installing a lace wig, I hope you can laid a lace wig down after reading this blog. Comment below and let me know what you guys think about.