Bleaching knots on wig is using bleaching techque to lighten the black knots that hair tied along the lace, make your lace wig looks all natural. Bleaching knots will take your wig install to the next level!  If you are new to bleaching knots, here you can get all your questions answered. This article give a very thorough tutorial of bleaching knots and easy to follow. 

wig knots

Why Bleaching Knots on Wig?

Bleaching knots on wig will make it blend better. We have known that the hair strands are ventilated to the lace with hair knotting method. It will create invisible knots on the lace base. We can bleach the knots on wig to make them less visible and create a more natural appearance of wig.

Bleached Knots vs Unbleached Knots

bleached knots vs unbleached knots

Bleached knots wig has no visible knots on lace base, black knots have been bleached into brownish or blondish color, giving a  scalp look. The hair may become more prone to shedding, but if you don’t have trash and messy hair, the shedding won’t be anything alarming just because you knots bleaching.

Unbleached Knots wig has visible black knots on lace base, giving a less natural appearance.  

What Are Wig Knots?

wig knots

Wig Knots are tiny knots that hair strands are hand-tied to the lace material. In order to get the hair on the lace, you have to knot the hair into the lace and it forms these black dots along the lace that you can visibly seen once you install the lace. Bleaching knots to make the wig give a more natural appearance.

How to Bleach Knots On Wig

Tools Needed to Bleach Knots

tools products needed for bleaching knot

Bleaching powder
30 or 40 volume developer
Mixing bowl (plastic or glass)
Applicator brush
Popsicle sticks or plastic knife
Aluminum foil(optional)
Neutralizing shampoo
Shimmer lights shampoo
Disposable gloves
Water spray
Hair comb
Lace wig

Step to Step of Bleaching Knots on Wig

You could just use a spray bottle of water to wet it up again, and not have to touch it and risk pushing the bleach thru. make sure to secure it away from the area you'll be bleaching to avoid accidental bleaching of the hair.

1. Prepare The Wig

prepare wig

First, you want to get your wig well prepared for the bleaching process.

Use a spray bottle of water to wet the hair.
Brush hair back so that they are not lay flat on the lace, to avoid bleach bleeding on the hair.
Blow dry the lace base, make sure the lace is dry and not wet so the bleach can take.
Make sure the lace should be facing up, you can apply bleach easily.

2. Prepare Your Bleach Mixture

prepare bleach knots mixture

After your wig is ready for bleaching, go to the next step to mix up the bleach powder and the developer in mixing bowl to create perfect bleach mixture.

Mix one scoop of bleach power with two scoop of 30 or 40 volume developer, start with 30 if you are a beginner, the lower the developer the slower the belching process, and it will have less chance to be over-bleached. To mix the developer and bleach according to the wig’s size.

Lace closure wig - one spoon of bleach powder and the developer
Lace frontal wig - one ounce of bleach powder and two ounce of developer
Full lace wig - three ounces of bleach powder and six ounce of developer
If you need more to bleach mixture to coat the lace, mix up some more.

Make sure your mixture not to be too loose or thick. If when you pick it up, the bleaching mixture falling, add more powder. If it is thick, add more developer. Your bleach Mixture looks creamy is good to go.

3. Gently Bleach Knots on Wig

apply bleach mixture

Since you have prepared your bleach mixture, now you are ready to apply it on the lace base to bleach the knots. Use popsicle sticks or plastic knife to apply the bleach.

Apply the bleach: You want to apply the bleach start from the hairline side to side, then go back. Where you put the bleach first, the knots color will fade first, the front lace is the most important part. Apply the bleach side to side, then go back. Make sure to saturate the knots thoroughly and evenly.

Do not go heavy handed. You do not want your bleach seep through and make your roots blonde.

Let the bleach process: Once the bleach mixture applied, cover the bleaching part with aluminum foil to heat up the bleach process, and let the lace facing down. Wait 20-45 mins but check on it every 10-15 mins. After the knots fade down and turn to brownish, or bleached to your desired lightening color, the bleach can be washed off.

4. Rinse The Bleach And Wash The Hair

rinse bleach out

After your wig knots bleached to the level you desired. Use water to rinse the bleach out as much as possible. Wash the hair as well to void the bleach get on the hair and turn your hair blonde.

Use neutralizing shampoo to deeply wash the bleaching part, make sure the chemicals from bleach are completely out the hair and stops the chemical reaction. Then you can use shimmer lights shampoo to tone those konts to make them look more natural.  Add some conditioner to keep the hair soft.

Check the video below on how to bleach knots on wig



How to Fix Over Bleached Knots

If you accidentally over-bleached knots and have bleached the roots of the hair. You can go in and dye them black or just fix your hair root with makeup and a temporary color spray once you install. Or you can use a liquid toner for the knots.

Or you can use shimmer lights shampoo to tone those knots. If your hair roots over-bleached to blonde, you can try purple shimmer lights shampoo, purple works beat to remove blonde from your knots. If your hair roots becomes orange, try using blue shampoo to fix it, because on the color wheel, blue is directly across from orange, so blue is better to fix orange, and your hair root will become deep gray or black color.

Isee Wear Go Pre-bleached Knots Wig

pre-bleached knots wig

Bleaching knots on wig can be a challenge thing, especially for beginners. It has the chance to be over-bleached and not bleached well to your desired level. In this case, you can choose to try Isee pre-bleached knots glueless lace wigs, which are pre-bleached by the professional team and give a very natural scalp like appearance.

FAQ Of Bleaching Knots

How to avoid over-bleached?

Not make the bleach mixture watery or pushed your bleach too much in the lace, it’ll seep through and make your roots turning brown or blonde. Check your bleaching knots process frequently in every 10-15 minutes, once your wig well-bleached, wash the bleach mixture out right now.

Do you use a conditioner after you shampoo?

Yes, after washing the wig, use conditioner to keep the hair soft, more shiny and moisture.

Does bleaching make the unit shed faster?

No. Bleaching might can damage your hair but will not cause hair to sheds. It won’t cause any alarming problems like hair sheds, hair breakage just because you bleached your knots.

Do I need to use aluminum foil?

Of course you can not use aluminum foil. It's just aluminum foil can heat up and bleach better.

Can you pluck first and then bleach the knots?

You can, but I suggest you bleach knots on wig first and then pluck it. For the bleach softens the knots and makes hair easier to be plucked.

Do I need to use a neutralizing shampoo?

A neutralizing shampoo make sure the chemicals from bleach are completely out the hair. It removes all bleach and stops the chemical reaction.