ISEE Hair Beauty is always investigating and upgrading wear&go wigs, from traditional 6x4 glueless wigs to wear&go V5, and now to the latest version M-Cap 9x6 glueless wigs. However, what are the differences between them for customers? In the previous article, we discussed the differences between M-Cap and wear&go V5. Today's article will focus on the distinctions between M-Cap 9x6 and 6x4 typical wear&go wigs. Then you will know how to choose them.


Frontal Lace Size

"9x6" indicates that the lace width of our M-Cap wig is 9 inches, extending from one temple to the other, a lace depth of 6 inches, deeper parting. Likewise, for the "6x4 wear&go" wig, the lace area measures 6 inches in width and 4 inches in depth. There is different frontal lace size.


It's worth noting that, when it comes to wigs, a larger lace size is considered better. In the case of the ISEE 9x6 M-Cap wig, has a more extended hairline, and the parting is deeper. This offers a more natural hairline, greater freedom for hair movement, styling the hair, and trying out different hairstyles.

Wig Knots

For an M-Cap wig, it may look similar to a typical closure wig, but has a larger lace area. However, the M-Cap wear&go glueless wig has more delicate knotting technique. In contrast, the knots in the 6x4 wear&go wig are larger and darker, it is visible and less natural. This is because 3-5 hair strands are hand-tied in one lace hole, following a "tick one hole, blank two holes" pattern.


On the other hand, the knots in the M-Cap glueless wig are more natural, this is because single hair strands tied in one lace hole and a "tick one hole, blank one hole" pattern. Among hair strands are denser, and the wig knots are pre-bleached, creating a super natural-looking hairline. The strands closely resemble hair growing directly from the scalp.

Removable Combs

Glueless wigs, as the name suggests, do not rely on adhesive for attachment, and concerns about security on the head have been a constant worry for customers. Traditional 6x4 wear&go wigs typically secure using an elastic band and combs, for everyday and special occasions. However, many customers dislike this design as combs may pull on their edges, causing the hairline to shift backward.


The M-Cap wig addresses this issue with removable combs on both sides and the back. For those who dislike the comb design, they have the option to remove it. If additional security is desired, the combs can be reinstalled and embedded into the hair.

Ear Shape Design

Traditional 6x4 glueless wigs don’t have ear C-shaped design, M-Cap wear&go wig add this design.

With this design, you don't have to worry about your ears bending once you putting on your wig or experiencing discomfort and pain during prolonged wear. If you enjoy pulling your hair back behind your ears, you'll also appreciate the C-shaped design.


Elastic Band

Both the 9x6 M-Cap wig and 6x4 glueless wig have elastic band which are essential for wear&go wig, except that the 9x6 M-Cap wig has red elastic bands with the "wear go" logo. Additionally, the red elastic band is an improved version with increased width and added silicon anti-slip function, providing enhanced comfort and stability. In contrast, the elastic band on the 6x4 glueless wig is a standard black double elastic band.


9x6 Vs 6x4 Glueless Wig, How To Choose?

Wear And Go

The 6x4 glueless wig is the standard wear&go wig, catering to customers' essential requirements for easy wig application-"wear and go, pop and on," providing a hassle-free wig wearing experience. It's great for individuals trying a wear & go wig for the first time.


In terms of price, the 6x4 glueless wig is a little bit cheaper. The 9x6 is an upgraded version of the wear & go wig, has a more natural-looking appearance when worn on the head, more comfortable during prolonged use, because of C-shaped design, and a larger lace area for experimenting with different styles. Naturally, this increased functionality comes at a slightly higher cost.



Color Options

Both the 9x6 and 6x4 glueless wigs offer a variety of textures to choose from, including straight, curly, and wavy options. However, if you prefer a colorful glueless wig, your choice is limited to the 6x4 wear & go glueless Wig, it comes in blonde, reddish brown, and highlight options. The 9x6 M-Cap glueless wig, on the other hand, is currently available only in natural black and highlight color, don’t have more colors yet.

Final Words

The differences between 9x6 and 6x4 glueless wear&go wigs are clearly explained in this article. While the M-Cap is the superior choice, it is super effortless, convenient and natural, opting for the 6x4 glueless wig is also a good option if you have limited money and want to try a bold colorful wear & go wig. Hope this article helps you make the right decision and choose the perfect fit glueless wear&go wig.

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