For most wig wearers, the question of how to hide their hair under a wig is an enduring problem. So in this blog, we have got you covered the top hairstyles for hiding natural hair under a wig. No matter what type of hair you have, the underlying logic is always to make your own hair against the scalp as flat as possible.

How to Hide Hair Under a Wig

How to Hide Hair Under a Wig

Tools you need:

How to Hide Hair Under a Wig

wig cap
tail comb
hair gel
bobby pins

1. Cornrow Braids

How to Hide Hair Under a Wig

Before braiding your hair, remember to gently comb your own hair with a comb to eliminate tangles for subsequent braiding.

Part your hair into different sections, this is determined by the thickness of your own hair, the more hair you have the more sections you will have accordingly.

Separate both sections into 3 strands with your fingers, Begin making a 3-strand braid until each part forms cornrow braids.

Twist a few braids together and wrap them over the back of your head towards the scalp. Using huge bobby pins, secure them in place. Repeat with the remaining braid tails, being careful not to overlap them.

2. Wrapping Braids

Wrapping Braids

I feel like it's the least complicated and time-saving hairstyles for you. It helps you to conceal your natural hair without the need of intricate braids or parting procedures.

The first step The first step remains to carefully and gently comb your hair with a comb to eliminate any tangled sections that may be present.

Then divide your hair down the center into left and right or top and bottom sections.

To braid the hair, divide it into 3 sections, a left, middle, and right section. Just start braiding your hair from the part close to your scalp, all the way to the ends, and finish by securing it with a small band.

Then comes the most important part - the Wrapping part, still does not require any technique, just Wrap your head with the plaits in the direction of the ears to the forehead, remember to ensure that the braid close to the scalp, and finally in the root of the braid, the middle part of the braid, and the end of the braid with a small clip to fasten.

3. Low Bun

How to Hide Hair Under a Wig

This hairstyle came about because the back of the head is the best place to hide our own hair! It’s relatively simple to make and may be done by anybody.

There are many ways to make a low bun, following I will describe one of the most common methods.

Comb your hair from front to back, you can also use hairspray to smooth your hair back. without any complicated braids or parting techniques, just form a low ponytail at the back of your head area, the lower the better. you're close to success after the step.

Pinch the bottom of the ponytail and twist your hair to form buns. Secure with the bun with a hair tie.

4. Twisting Your Hair

twist your hair

Twisting your natural hair is one of the greatest and common ways to hide your hair behind a wig. As the name suggests, all you need to achieve this hairstyle is twisting technique.

The first step is still combing your hair, so I won't go into that here.

Then Part your hair down in the middle. Grab two pieces hair, one goes up and another one goes down, then twist the two pieces from the root of your scalp to the tip of the pieces, secure each in a hair tie. Then Repeat these steps over and over again until all the hair becomes flat twists. remember that the less hair you grab, the flatter.

In conclusion

Now that you’ve created the perfect base and you’re ready to put on your wig! We really hope that this blog has truly addressed all of your questions .