Curly wigs are a fabulous way to embrace texture and style among black women. For curly hairstyles, the bigger the better. However, one of the challenges of wearing a curly wig is how to achieve that voluminous and defined curls look like the girls on Instagram? Curious about the secrets behind it? Follow along in this article, where we'll share effective methods to enhance wig volume.


Why Does My Purchased Curly Wig Have Less Volume Than Influencers?

Let's imagine scrolling through YouTube and seeing influencers rocking these amazingly voluminous, defined curly wigs, each strand perfectly bouncy and full. tempting you to try it out. You eagerly ordered it, eagerly waiting for the package. But as you open it, disappointment hits - - the curls are all clumped together, lacking the volume and bounce seen on those influencers. It's nothing like what was advertised, leaving you feeling let down and misled.

Why did this happen? Are you suspecting that the wig seller sent you the wrong wig density, or do you think the wig you received is different from what the influencers showcased? However, the reality is not quite so.

The newly received hairpieces are clumped together, which is typically due to handling or storage during the manufacturing process. To preserve the hairstyle or curls, manufacturers might clumped the curls during production to prevent them from losing their shape during transportation or storage. These clumped curls are usually done to protect the wig and ensure that customers receive the wig in the expected form and with the intended curls.

How To Get More Voluminous Look On Curly Wigs?

Next, let's get into the main topic and introduce several effective methods. If you don’t know how to get volume curly hairstyle, keep reading to gain valuable information.

Brush Or Finger Through Your Wig

One of the quickest way to shift your flat curls into volume look. It is very simple but effective.

Upon you received the curly wig, after putting it on your head, just brushing or running fingers through it, your human hair curly wig will become notably voluminous. The purpose of doing so is to separate and break up these large clump of curls, resulting in increased volume and defined curls.

When brushing your wig, remember that your goal is to add volume, not to detangle it. So, don't comb straight down from the roots. Instead, lift sections of the hair and comb upwards, away from the scalp.

When using your fingers to style, do the same. Use your fingers to separate and fluff the curls. Then, lift a section of hair - don't just pull downwards; instead, lift all the hair from the scalp upwards and outwards. Pay special attention to the roots, changing their direction to increase root volume. This technique will give the entire hairstyle a much fuller look.

Keeping The Wig Clean And Free From Buildup

Are you often applying styling products like hair gels, sprays, or leave-in conditioners at the roots of your wig to create lift and volume? In fact, this practice is incorrect because these products can build up at the roots, causing accumulation and resulting in the roots feeling heavy, creating a flattened appearance.

Besides, just like natural hair, human hair wigs accumulate dirt, dust, and sweat over time, which could weigh your curly hairstyle down. The correct way is when using styling products and conditioners. Avoid applying the product near the root area, start applying the product from the mid-lengths until the ends. Also, regularly wash your wig to clean off any buildup at the roots. This will ensure roots lift and avoid flat look.

Using Lightweight Products

Using lightweight and water-based products rather than heavy ones can significantly impact your wig's volume. Heavy products tend to weigh the hair down, making it appear flat and lacking in volume. Opting for thinner, water-based products will allow your wig to maintain its natural buoyancy and fullness. These lighter products offer texture without the weight, helping you achieve the voluminous look you desire for your curly wig.

Flip And Shake

After your curly wig has washed, conditioned and completely dried, have a look at it- it has wavy at the root and curly at the bottom, you don’t get a volume wig. If you want to add a little volume to your curls, flip the wig upside down and gently shake it to loosen the curls. This can slightly switch up the root motion, and create a right amount of volume to your wig.

Applying Volumizing Products

When time is limited, a quick way to increase volume in a curly wig is to use an appropriate amount of volumizing products. Begin by evenly spraying volumizing spray or applying mousse onto the curls, then gently lift the roots of the curls using a hairdryer and your fingers. This method rapidly enhances the wig's volume, giving it a fuller and livelier appearance, saving you time while showcasing charmingly defined curls. Remember to opt for lightweight, water-based styling products.

Final Words

Now that you've gone through these methods to enhance the volume of your curly wig, you'll realize they're not as complicated as they seem. The next step is to put these tried and tested methods into practice. If you have any other techniques to share for adding volume to curly wigs, feel free to comment below. Looking forward to your contributions!

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