The M-cap 9*6 wig and the wear go wig V5 are the newest wigs from ISEE. Because our customers are curious about the difference between them. Therefore, in today's article, we are going to find out the difference between these two wig. These two wigs offer different features and benefits. If you want to buy ISEE wigs, it can give you a reference. Let’s have a look at today’s blog.

isee m cap wear go wig vs wear go wig v5 what is the difference

What Is ISEE Wear Go Wig V5?

The wear go wig V5 is the fifth version of our Wear Go wig range, we first introduced it in August 2023. It is updated from the previous Pre-Bleached Wear Go Wig. This new version features tiny knots and a C-shaped design, these improvements make the wig more natural and comfortable, your ears won’t feel pressed out.

isee wear go wig v5


What Is ISEE M-Cap 9*6 Wig?

The M-cap 9*6 wig is an update of the wear go wig V5, we launched in October 2023. It is a new generation of "Wear Go" or "Glueless" lace wigs created by ISEE. It still has tiny knots and C-shaped design. Its name called M-cap due to the front lace size is 9*6 inches, this update larger lace offers flexibility in hairstyles. More lace space, more natural hairline, more hairstyle choice.

isee m cap wear go wig


M-Cap 9*6 Wig Vs Wear Go Wig V5, The Differences You Should Know

When selecting between M-cap 9*6 wig and wear go wig V5, understanding the distinctions between them is key. Keep reading, here are some differences between them.

Lace Size

One noticeable distinction between M-cap 9*6 wig and the wear go wig V5 are their lace sizes. The wear go wig V5 features a lace size of 6x4, which measures 6 inches in width and 6 inches in depth. On the other hand, the M-cap 9x6 wig has a larger lace size, it measures 9 inches in width from temple to temple and 6 inches in depth from the hairline backward, you own more space and freedom in styling.

lace size

Luckily, regardless of the size of the lace, these two types of wigs both pre-bleached tiny knots in the front lace area, the hairline will more natural-looking and almost invisible appearance, as true as your own scalp.

Removable Combs

The second notable difference is removable combs. Specifically, the M-cap 9*6 wig has removable combs on both sides and at the back of the wig cap, however, the wear go wig V5 does not offer this feature.

The primary purpose is to provide our customers with the option to enhance support and stability. While our wear go wigs ensure a secure fit for everyday wear without any combs. If you require stronger wig stability, attach it, if you prefer not to use combs, they can be easily detached.

Elastic Band

If you purchase a M-cap 9*6 wig, in the package, you will receive a an extra wig cap equipped with a red elastic band with the “wear go” logo, on the other hand, for a wear go wig V5, you can’t find a red strap. The red elastic band can be seen as mark of authenticity for clear identification-it is kind of really customized.

Wig Texture

Another difference among ISEE M-cap 9*6 wig and the wear go wig V5 is wig texture or style. The wear go wig V5 offers textures in straight, kinky curly, and ocean wave styles. Meanwhile, the ISEE M-cap 9*6 wig provides textures in straight, kinky curly, and water wave styles.

wig texture

Therefore, the distinction is that the M-cap 9*6 wig offers a water wave texture, don’t have the ocean wave texture available in the wear go wig V5. Both types of wig offer straight and kinky curly textures. the water wave unique to the M-cap 9*6 wig, serves as the primary difference in wig texture between these two types of wigs.


The price difference is often a crucial concern for wig wearers. Are you concerned about the price disparity? It might disappoint you, as the price difference between these two wigs is relatively small. The M-cap 9*6 wig is slightly more expensive than the wear go wig V5. For instance, a 10 inches wear go wig V5 is priced at $122.42, while the same length of M-cap 9*6 is priced at $124.48. That's why I write the price difference as the final point.

How Do I Choose Between M-Cap 9*6 Wig And Wear Go Wig V5?

How to choose between the ISEE M-cap 9*6 wig and the wear go wig V5? Both these wigs are hot-selling and highly popular among our girls.

The M-cap 9*6 wig is a great choice if you want more lace space and greater styling freedom. For those who like wave hairstyles, the wear go wig V5 may be your first choice. On the other hand, if you want a water wave style, the M-cap 9*6 wig can fulfil your expectations. Moreover, if you are looking for extra stability, especially during an active lifestyle or sporting activities, the M-cap 9*6 wig may be more suitable for you.

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