How To Keep Wig From Tangling

Anyone who has used a wig would tell you that whether synthetic, natural, expensive or cheap—they all end up in knots. If the wig has been used for a long time or used improperly, knotting will happen. We can use different methods to restore the wig to its original state.

Any wig would tangle more than real hair because the human scalp produces natural oils which can keep hair from drying out and getting caught in itself. Long hair is harder to handle than short hair. It is also possible that daily care is not in place, so assistant care skills and cleaning methods are required. Here are some methods on how to keep wig from tangling.

How To Keep Wig From Tangling

How To Keep Wig From Tangling

1. Choosing The Right Shampoo & Conditioner

The first thing you should do to prevent human hair wigs from tangling is to choose the proper wig shampoo and conditioner. Do not wash your wigs with regular/supermarket shampoos that contain harsh chemicals or a high pH-balance. A mild, not-stripping shampoo and both products should be sulfate-free. Normal healthy hair has a pH-balance of 4.5 – 5.5, so buy a shampoo that’s within that range or a little below it. Some shampoos contain a very high pH-balance, which will damage the hair.

2. Proper Wig Washing & Care


It’s crucial to wash and condition your wig in a correct way to keep tangles away. The wig is generally washed once every 1-2 months. Put the wig on the wig stand then shampoo it and keeps its shape. Coming the hair with a soft brush with rounded bristles and carefully remove any knots before washing. If there are any styling products left in the hair, the wig shampoo will dissolve them by itself in the next wash. Moisten the human hair of the wig or hairpiece by holding it under running, lukewarm water in the direction of fall – from the roots to the tips. Please do not place the model in a water bath. Followed by taking a coin-sized amount of shampoo and gently rubbing it from the roots to the tips. Please do not apply pressure when massaging the hair. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly under clear water until no shampoo residue is left. Rinse the human hair thoroughly a second time under clear, flowing water. Carefully pat the hair dry with a towel. Please do not rub or wring the hair.


When cleaning the wig , do not comb the hair immediately after washing. It is recommended to wipe the wig with a towel to a semi-dry state, and then blow the hair from top to bottom to make the hair suppler. When drying your hair, don't blow it in different directions with the hair dryer, it will make the hair messy and the hair will be easily tangled. After washing the wig, you can rub hair oil to keep the wig shiny. In addition to putting the wig on the shelf, you can also put a plastic sleeve on the outside to prevent dust from adhering.

3. Products & Styling

Do not use overuse hair products – adding too much product to your wig will lead to a messy, clunky build-up. Excessive use of oils, mousse, gels, and other hair products will cause the hair to tangle, and matte, and make the hair look unclean, limp and dull.

4. Tangled Wig Remedies

When the wig is severely knotted, do not use brute force to comb it out, it may make the knotting worse, and even cause the wig to break. If the wig is particularly serious, there is no way to comb the wig with a comb. You can use scissors to cut a small part of the hair short, and you may be able to comb the knotted hair. When the wig is not worn at ordinary times, it must not be placed randomly, which will make the hair knotted and affect the softness of the hair. It is recommended to buy a wig stand, and usually put the wig on the shelf to avoid the wig's hair from rubbing against each other and causing knots. But if your wig is seriously knotted, it's better to take it to a professional salon to deal with it.


How To Keep Wig From Tangling

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