For those who often need to wear wigs, wigs are an investment, especially for human hair wigs, in order to reduce investment as soon as possible, I think know how to care for human hair wigs is a knowledge that must be mastered. In this article, We will provide you with specific knowledge on how to best care for human hair wigs in order to maximize its lifespan. Let's step into this blog!

how to care for wigs

Is it necessary to wash my human hair wig before wearing it?

You might be unsure about whether to wash human hair wigs before wearing them. Of course you should wash it before wearing, is the affirmative. We call on you to wash it before putting on a wig for the reasons listed below.

Wigs have a slight smell when first delivered because of chemical leftovers from the production process of human hair wigs. During the manufacturing process, the wig is treated with chemicals to preserve its shine, wave, texture, grain, color, etc. So we should wash it which can help to keep your scalp from becoming irritated.

Wigs can adhere to dust and debris while being stored. Washing wigs before installing them is an excellent method to eliminate dust from your wig and make it fresher and shinier. Maximize your attractiveness for the greatest outcomes.

How frequently should I clean my human hair wig?

The answer to this question might depend on how often you wear it, in general, every six to eight wears, you should wash and condition your real human hair wigs. However, you might need to wash it more regularly if you are the type of person who sweats a lot.

Remember that human hair wigs shouldn't be cleaned as frequently as your natural hair. Too many washings might remove the wig's natural oils. As a result, the wig loses its form and becomes dry. By examining the wig's color and feeling its hair strands, we can decide whether it needs to be washed. If it feels and looks greasy, it's time to wash your wig.

Unlike our own hair, human hair wigs once cut off, nutrients and moisture will reduce with the time going on. So Every time you wash your wig, give it a thorough conditioning treatment to enhance moisture. There are several precautions to take while using conditioner. Only use conditioner on the bottom half of the hair, not on the wig cap or near to the scalp.

How to wash human hair wigs?

Knowing how to properly wash your wig can help it last longer and retain its vibrancy and softness. It works well to restore the fresh appearance of a wig. Keep reading to unlock our detailed step-by-step wig cleaning method.


Before washing, detangle the wig hair with a wide-toothed comb and remove any knots or ties with your fingertips. Be careful and patient to avoid pulling or stretching the hair fibers.


One hand holds the position of the wig cap to fix the wig, the other hand to turn on the tap of a sink, make certain that the water flow is facing the same direction as the wig hair, until the hair is completely soaked. The water flow speed does not have to be too high, and the water temperature is preferably warm.
Put a appropriate amount of shampoo on the wig hair and make thick lathers by kneading.Then work the shampoo through the hair. Flowing by rinsing the hair clean, keeping in mind to maintain water flow in the same direction as the hair. Being careful not to squeeze or wring the wig.


Apply an adequate amount of conditioner to the hair and massage it completely into the wig, letting it sit for a few minutes. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water until the water runs clear.


It's time to condition after that! To begin with, use a towel to remove the excess water out of your hair. The simplest way to dry your wig is to place it on a wig stand and let it air dry, but you can use a blow dryer on natural human hair wigs. Just be sure to keep the heat setting low.

Storing your human hair wigs

How you store your human hair wig largely determines the lifespan of it. Putting the wig on a wig stand is the best storage method to keep the wig from tangling and loosing curls. It is ideal that the storage environment should be kept cool and dry, and out of direct sunlight. If you wan to lean about  other wig storage methods, please check our another blog How To Store Wigs.

how to store wigs

Styling your human hair wig

Apply a heat protectant to the strands first before using heat to style a wig. This will protect your wig from harm and preserve its vibrant appearance. Make sure you don't just use a natural hair products, but one made particularly for wigs. Go to another blog “How to Style Wigs” for more wig styling ideas.

Daily tips for caring for a human hair wig

1. Brush before bed and before washing to ensure there are no natural occurring tangles caused by wind or friction.
2. Store wig on a mannequin head or form in a cool, dry place when not in use.
3.Do not apply heat to your wig. One of the things that might have the biggest negative effects on wig lifespan is heat. Reduce your usage of heat-related items as much as possible.
4.Use wide-toothed comb or your fingers which is the considered the best wig comb to detangle wig knots.
5.Use an Organic and sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate strips hair of natural oils, as there is no direct supply of nutrients from your scalp into the extension strands, its vital that you use a no sulfate shampoo to avoid drying the hair out.
6.To avoid damaging the hair extensions, the cuticles and your scalp, only wash with warm water.
7.Wash the hair gently in a downward motion with your palms, do not scrub or bunch the hair together as this will cause open cuticles to rub against each other causing friction.
8. Rinse between each wash, and wash only 1-2 times.
9. Whilst wet, add 2-3 drops of natural oil such as Almond or Coconut by gently applying it evenly over the hair, these oils will penetrate the cuticles and add moisture to hair weave. Natural oils do the work of most conditioners without the added chemicals and silicones, natural is always best.
10. Finally, lower the shower head and rinse your hair (not scalp) with cold water, this is known as an Arctic Rinse it will close the cuticles to lock the moisture and nutrients from the oil in, leaving you with nutrient rich hair extensions.
11.Let your hair air-dry at home, take 2-3 hours to wash and naturally dry your hair - Do not use heat as this will swell and dry your strands.
12.Apply a small amount of Argan, Almond or Coconut oil 2-3 times a week or when required. Argan oil is a great finishing oil for styling and frizz, however its a dry oil and does not moisturise the hair as well as Almond or Coconut. 11.For long lasting hair extensions, moisturise your hair as you do your skin, it makes perfect sense.

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