You may have a lot of questions about straight wigs, and this article will answer them all. Read on and you will find out what a lace front wig is, whether a straight wig is durable, whether it's easy to take care of, and how to take care ofit.


About straight lace front wigs

As a beginner, the first thing you need to know is what the wig is made of. So, you can choose the most natural and effective wig. By far the most realistic material used to make wigs is lace. Using this material, it's as close to our skin as possible, it's sturdy and doesn't easy to fall off, and it's light and breathable. Our hair is artificially attached, one strand at a time, to a piece of lace hair, and the simulation is arguably the best wig. And the roots of our hair are bleached, almost exactly like our scalp. So, what does "front" mean? Because this process requires a lot of labor, so the corresponding increase in the cost. In order to achieve the highest cost performance, when choosing a wig, people generally choose only the front part of the wig is made of lace, which looks like the effect is not much different from the full lace.


Q&A about Straight Lace Front Wigs

Q: What is special about lace front wigs?

A: The lace front wig can help you parting optionally, because the front part of the wig is always lace. Whichever way you choose, you can ensure that there is lace in the parting, so as to maintain the most realistic condition of the wig. In addition, lace wigs are cheap, and wearing wigs can save you money on styling your hair.

Q: Straight and curly wig, which is better?

A: There is no good or bad wig styling, it is entirely up to your liking. But even if you didn't like it before, try a new hairstyle and you might fall in love with it. Straight hair always gives people a gentle and intellectual feeling, which makes people think that you have a unique temperament. Curls generally give people a lively and energetic feeling, let you have a lazy atmosphere. When it comes to their advantages and disadvantages, traight hair is relatively easy to manage, curly hair will appear more full volume.

Q: Do straight lace front wigs last longer?

A: In general, curly hair needs more work to maintain its curl and uniformity. Curly hair itself is not easy to unblock, so you need to treat it regularly to prevent tangles. But straight hair is different, straight hair itself is very soft, you just need to tidy it up a little bit, it won't look messy, so it will last longer than curly hair, it will have a shorter treatment period. In normal times, you only need to take the comb dredging machine often on the line, there is no need to have other steps, such as curly hair after wearing often need to touch elastic to make hair look crystal and shiny, but straight hair wig does not need, because it is like this.

Q: Are straight lace front wigs easier to maintain?

A: For a lazy person, the constant care needed for a wig must be our biggest headache. You can choose straight hair, which has the lowest treatment cycle of any wig. If you don't wear it very often, you can wash it once or twice a month, which should be easy. After all, you only need to spend an hour every two months. For daily, after wearing you can comb a few times, and then put in the appropriate place to store, this can be said to be the most effort saving wig.

Q: How do you take care of a straight lace front wig?

A: Generally speaking, straight lace wig is very easy to take care of, this kind of wig because it does not have a lot of styling, hair comparison smooth, so whether care or cleaning are very simple. When cleaning, you need to comb your hair through, and then wash it with warm water of about 35℃ to 40℃, remember not to use hot water, hot water will easily damage the hair texture, thus shortening the service life of the wig. Don't wash your wig too often. If it's a glueless lace wig, wash it once or twice a month.

Q: How do you keep a straight lace front wig silky?

A: Wigs are usually smooth when you get them. With the right care and washing, you can also keep your hair smooth all the time. The top tips are: wash your wig properly, use the low PH conditioner, wash your wig without hot water, and groom your wig regularly. Of course, you can also treat your wig the way you normally treat your own hair. You can apply serum or coconut oil to your wig to give it a silky look.

Q: Can I style on a straight wig?

A: It depends on the material of your wig. If you have synthetic hair, you really can't do styling because you can't set it at high temperature. But now most people choose real hair because it is durable and can be changed at will. You can just curl your hair with a curling iron, which is the same as styling our own hair, and the wig is a little bit more manipulative. After wearing the wig to clean, and can be restored to smooth straight hair. Straight hair is arguably the best style, and you can do it any style you want.

Q: What color do most people choose for straight wig?

A: About 60 percent of people choose natural black. Thirty percent of people choose dark brown or light brown. The reason is that these three colors are suitable for everyone's daily wear. The rest of us go for highlights, Burgundy, and blonde, which are good for girls who want a more dramatic style.

Q: What is the length of a straight lace front wig?

A: Wigs come in many sizes, with a variety of lengths and styles. The average length ranges from 12 inch to 32 inch, but if you're going for a Bob wig, you can choose the length between 10 and 16, and anything longer is a long straight style. In the case of long straight hair, the longer the hair, the better it looks.


Final words

These are the most frequently asked questions about straight wigs, and you can get the answers here. You should also know how to choose a wig, as well as some care and use methods for straight wigs. If you already know which wig to buy, check out