Wigs can be classified in different ways, they can be classifed in a simple way, according to length: short wigs and long wigs. Long wigs are more common and preferred by many girls, short wigs are more youthful and fashion, have gained popularity in recent years, more girls wanting to try them out.

Therefore, whether to choose short or long wigs? Would a short wig suit me better, or a long wig? How to judge? This article will discuss the advantages and limitations of both short and long wigs, as well as provide guidance on how to choose the right wig type for yourself.

short wigs vs long wigs

Short Vs Long Hair Lengths, How To Classified?

Short hair is generally considered to be hair that falls above the shoulders or chin, ranging from 10~16 inches lengths, while long hair extends beyond the shoulders or reaches down the back, typically measuring 18 inches and longer. Same length, different texture, straight wig looks longer, curly wig look shorter.

Advantages Of Short Wigs


Short wigs are perfect for first-time wig wearers, as they are beginner-friendly, mainly for two reasons:

Easy Wear

Whether it's lace front short wigs or glueless wear and go short wigs, they are both incredibly easy to put on and take off. A glueless short wig is much simple, only need several seconds. For wig beginners, they don’t need to learn installation tutorial.

Easy maintenance

Short hair is less prone to tangling, as we all know, eliminate tangled knots can be time-consuming and requires effort. Therefore, short wigs are suitable for individuals with busy lifestyles. Additionally, short hair is easier to wash and air dry. They are lightweight.


The longer the hair, the more expensive it is. In the production of short wigs, hand-tied hair strands don't need to be very long, so the price is relatively cheaper compared to long hair wigs. Longer hair is more difficult to obtain. Additionally, caring for short wigs requires fewer products, which can also save costs.

They're Not Outdated.

Bob wigs and pixie wigs are both highly popular and trendy short hairstyles among women and girls. Whether it's celebrities at the Oscars or influencers on social media, when they make short hairdos, they’re always eye-catching, attract us attention and become hot topics of discussion. On the other hand, short wigs are often associated with a youthful and modern aesthetic.

They Keep You Cool And Comfortable.

Short wigs are more suitable for wearing in the summer because they are thinner, have less hair volume compared to long wigs, and are lighter in weight. Especially during the summer or outdoor activities, they provide better ventilation, preventing the scalp and neck from becoming too hot and stuffy. This makes them more comfortable to wear on the head, especially for girls who are wearing a wig for the first time. If you wear wigs because of medical reason, short wig is more suitable for you, too. Glueless wig is ease of put on and take off, more comfortable for wig beginners and patients, healthy for scalp.

short wigs vs long wigs


Limitations Of Short Wigs

Less Natural Look

Short wigs may look less natural, why? Because they have less coverage, look less volume on your head and the weft part may expose when the wind blows. And they may not blend in perfectly with the wearer's natural hairline. In addition, shorter wigs may not have the same movement and flow as longer wigs, which can also lead to a less natural look.

Limited Styling Options

Using long wigs allows for a variety of hairstyles, including high ponytails, various braid styles, half-up half-down, and two space buns. The larger lace size, the more hairstyle a long wig can achieve. Achieving these styles with short human hair wigs, however, can be challenging. For those who enjoy experimenting with different hairstyles using wigs, short wigs may not be the ideal choice. You can add curls on short wigs or create colorful short wigs.

Advantages Of Long Wigs

More Textures Options

Compared to short wigs, long lace front wigs offer a wider range of textures to choose from. At ISEE, there are various textures available for long wigs, including body wave wig, water wave wig, kinky curly wig, afro curly wig, straight wig, kinky straight wig, deep curly wig, loose deep wig, and loose wave wig. Not only different wig textures, we also have various trendy color long wigs waiting for you. This saves time and effort that would otherwise be spent creating curls on natural hair or straight wigs.

More Natural-Looking

The natural flow of long hair makes it appear more natural. Moreover, a long lace front wig tends to look more natural than a short one, as it has more hair volume and is less likely to expose the weft part when the wind blows or creating tight pulling hairstyles. Additionally, a 13*4 HD lace front wig provides a more natural hairline from ear to ear.

More Versatile

Long hair wigs are not only suitable for everyday wear and casual outings but also for formal occasions such as dates, parties, and weddings. That's why long hair wigs are more versatile.

More Feminine And Glamorous

Long hair showcases feminine qualities and is more captivating. Imagine flowing long hair, which makes girls feel more confident and charismatic. Those elegant updos, romantic curls, and sleek straight looks are all achieved with long hair.

short wigs vs long wigs


Limitations Of Long Wigs

Long hair is more expensive, because longer lengths hair is harder to obtain, the longer the pricier. Additionally, long wigs require more care and maintenance, care for long wigs need more time and patience, you need proper handling during styling, especially for curly wigs, as otherwise, they are more prone to tangling, dry and frizz. The lace front portion is also more susceptible to shedding, the lifespan of long wigs will shorten.

Short Wigs Vs Long Wigs: What's Right For You?

Through today’s blog, do you know how to choose between long hair wig and short hair wig? Short wigs are ideal for girls looking for low-maintenance hair solutions, while long wigs offer versatility in styling options and a more glamorous look, suitable for girls who like experience different wig hairstyles. Ultimately, the right choice depends on what makes you feel confident and comfortable and what you like.

Browse ISEE online shop and choose your favourite long or short human hair wigs.

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