Wearing wigs is an excellent way to strengthen people's appearances and boost confidence through changing hairstyles quickly. It is usually a tough decision when it comes to choosing which hair textures to buy. Deep wave wigs and water wave wigs are two prevalent choices among women. In this blog, we will tell you the difference between deep wave and water wave to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your next brand-new wig.

Deep Wave VS Water Wave

Deep Wave Hair

What Is Deep Wave Hair

Deep wave hair is a kind of bouncy classic wave hairstyle. The texture of deep wave hair flows smoothly and neatly. Some people confused them with body wave hair, it has tighter curls than body wave hair. Deep wave pattern resembles a tighter version of the S-shape, the waves are typically uniform in size and create a voluminous and textured look.
Deep wave are favored by a lot of American African women. It is a dream choice for women who want to add volume, texture, and a curly look to their hair.

Deep Wave VS Water Wave

Characteristics Of Deep Wave Hair

Deep Wave VS Water Wave

Why People Choose Deep Wave Wig


Deep wave wig is almost suitable for all ladies to wear on diverse occasions, both casual and formal events. It can modify face shape and demonstrate personal temperament. Isee Hair deep wave wigs and bundles are all made of virgin human hair, they can be restyled in a variety of ways to create a unique and versatile look. Besides, we provide various of deep wig types, lengths and densities to match your desired needs, including wear&go wigs, lace front , lace closure, and headband wigs ranging from short and thin to long and thick.

East To Maintain

Deep wave bundles require low maintenance to keep their look. Regular washing, conditioning, and moisturizing are enough to care the softness and sheen. Unlike the complex care process of curly hair, you just need to use your fingers to coil and blend the waves after washing.


Wigs can protect your natural hair from styling, exposure to chemical elements and daily handling. High temperature styling tools will damage our natural hair, making it fragile and delicate. Wearing wigs, especially glueless wigs can solve this problem perfectly. Moreover, it can change your hairstyle quickly, save your effort and money in a hair salon.

Water Wave Hair

What Is Water Wave Hair

Water wave hair is a pretty loose curl texture, gives you a natural and elegant look. Every girl needs a water wave wig in their life. Super simple, very effortless to care for and maintain the curl pattern. Water wave is a perfect choice for women who want a long hairstyle, looks super gorgeous for long hair.

Deep Wave VS Water Wave

Characteristics Of Water Wave Hair

Deep Wave VS Water Wave

Why People Choose Water Wave Wig

Various styles

Due to Isee Hair wigs are all made of 100% human hair which allows you can design your hairstyle by using a curling iron or a flat straighter. But it's essential to use a heat-protectant product to protect hair strands. The hair is flexible and can be easily manipulated to create different looks for a variety of occasions, such as in a half up half down or in a ponytail.

Add Volume

For water wave wigsyou can see that the curl pattern is placed in the reverse direction. For same wig density, water wave wig hairstyle give a bigger curl than deep wave style.


Wig is a good choice to protect your own hair from styling damage and exposure from sunlight. Your natural hair will grow more healthier, stronger and fuller, reduce the breakage and low elasticity risk, beneficial for your hair growth and health.

Difference Between Deep Wave And Water Wave

Deep wave and water wave hair have high similarities in texture and curls. However, there are still some differences between them.

Wave Pattern

The most noticeable difference between deep wave and water wave wigs is their wave pattern. Deep wave wig has a tighter and more defined curl compared with water wave, but not tighter than kinky hair. The curl of deep wave style comes in the same direction, has a neatly and beautiful tight curl pattern. You can get the deep wave hairstyle with Isee deep wave wig or get your hair curled. On the other hand, water wave wig has a looser texture and not so orderly. The curl of water wave wig comes in contrary direction, so it looks fuller than deep wave style. Water wave wig can be easily straightened, and looks so smooth after straightened.


As we all know, the curls of water are not oriented in the same direction, so water wave style looks more fuller and bigger than deep wave style, good wig style choice for long hair. If you would like to try a short hairstyle, deep wave wig would be a better choice, and after you comb the deep wave, you can get a really big African look.


As curly wigs, both deep wave and water wave require some energy and time to keep their perfect curl styles. Deep wave wig style need more care than water wave wig. After brushing and washing, deep wave style will becomes a big African look and need some work to make it be defined and looks gorgeous and neatly; however, water wave wig style will be easily to be tamed, and can be easily straightened, a must have for summer, if you are a busy women, choose a water wave wig.

Deep&Water Wave Wig Hairstyles Inspiration

Deep Wave With Half Bun Half Down

Deep Wave With Half Bun Half Down

Burgundy 99J Wave Wig With Two Buns

Burgundy 99J Deep Wave With Two Bun

Headband Human Hair Wave Wig

Headband Deep Wave

Headband Wave With Half Up Half Down

Headband Water Wave wig

Water Wave With Two Twist Braids

Water Wave With Two Twist Braids

Honey Blonde With Half High Ponytail

Honey Blonde With Half High Ponytail

In Conclusion

The choice between Deep Wave and Water Wave wigs comes down to personal preference. Water wave and deep wave have their own wave pattern and thickness, and needs different maintenance cost. Hope you can know more of the difference between the two wig styles after reading this blog. If you are looking for a wig for short wigs, you can choose a a deep wave wig; if you are looking for a wig for long hair, you can choose a water wave wig. No matter which wig style you choose, they are looking fabulous and gorgeous.