Today I wanted to come into a complete guide discussing the difference between closures and frontals. Many clients always want to know, especially people who are new to wigs and are interested in wearing frontals wigs or protective styling options, they always want to know what's the difference between a closure wig and a frontal wig and which one do I need, which one is best for me.

What Is A Frontal Wig

Frontal Wig is sewn in with lace frontal and bundles. It has a piece of Swiss lace material that has human hair hand tied to the ladies to create the illusion of a scalp. lace frontals come in sizes 13 by 2, 13 by 4 and 13 by 6, now our most popular is the 13 by 4, and what that means is that the wig has 13 inches from ear to ear and then about four inches of parting space from front to your apex - right to the top of your head. There are some frontals that give you 6 inches of parting in and there's other front wig that are smaller that give about two inches of parting. It just depends on how far you want to part back and where you want to part. Now the cool thing about frontals is that their ear to ear. so this is basically what it's going to look like when you order it.

Following is a 13 by 4 frontal wig from Isee hair, this is in curly texture and this is what the inside of a frontal looks like.

Closure Wig Vs Frontal Wig


Closure Wig Vs Frontal Wig

Pros Of Frontal Wig

1. Frontal wig is so versatile
now this is my favorite option for protective styling only because it is so versatile. you can literally part a frontal anywhere you want to part it, you can part I have on the frontal right now and that you guys see I have a side part, if I wanted to I could have a middle part, and I could also have you know the other side part as well.

2. Ear to ear natural hairline, look realistic
The cool thing about frontals is that their ear to ear. With frontals you can pull them back a lot of times, people have baby hairs around the perimeter of their hairline with the frontal and the purpose of a frontal is really to kind of give that illusion of an actual hairline. So to make the wig look as realistic as possible, you know in case the wind blows in your face, the frontal is there. If the frontal has secured down, if you have someone who makes your wigs or who's into felt your frontal, who knows what they're doing and they know how to customize the frontals all good enough, it will look like it is growing out of your scalp.

3. Last longer with good care
If you have a frontal on a wig it you know it could potentially last longer depending on how you take care of it but it could last a long time because you'll be able to do so much with it.

Cons of Frontal wig

Frontal wigs are gonna run you a little bit more in price. They do start around a hundred dollars. I believe just because they are very very very versatile. The frontal makes the completion of a particular style and you can adding the frontal to a wig or to a style really allows you to be able to style it anyway.

What Is A Closure Wig

Closure wig is sewn in with lace closure with bundles. Lace closure are a 4 by 4 piece of Swiss lace material that has human hair hand tied onto this lace. Other part of closure wigs are machine wefted with 3/4 hair bundles.

A closure is going to be a 4x4 piece of lace and which is only going to sit right in the middle of your head, it will give you four inches long across the front of your head and four inches of deep parting space from your hairline to the middle of your head. A closure wig comes in free part, middle part and side part closure design, more customers choose free part closure for it gives you more style options. Now there are upgrade 5x5 lace closure, 6x6 lace closure to choose.

This is what it looks like from Isee hair, this is the body wave curl and this is what the inside of a closure looks like.

closure wig

Closure Wig Vs Frontal Wig

Pros Of Closure Wigs

1. Closure wigs are good for beginners
closures are good for who are started to wear wigs. A closure is a great choice for someone who hasn't been used to sew ins so long for it is easier to install, there's not a complete hairline that needs to be customized
. In addition, closure wig cost less than a frontal wig.

2. Closure wigs are very versatile as well
If you're someone who are only used to having like the middle part out and you're probably tired of having that leave out deeper and curled, and you know just damaged over and over again, a closure may be perfect for you. Because again, with the closure is only a four by four piece, so you're only going to be able to part where that closure is situated now.

If you do have a way with the closure on it, you can actually slide it over, and you don't make it a little bit more versatile, you can slide that closure over to the side part wherever you want to. You can even create bangs out of it, so closures are very versatile as well. But their versatility is a little bit more limited than with a full frontal.

Cons Of Closure Wig

If you are someone who want to pulling your hair back, you want to put your hair behind your ear, you want to put your hair up in a ponytail half up half down, you want to try new hairstyles now and then, a closure wig may not suit for you. Closure wig has less versatility compared with frontal wig.

Both closure and frontal can be used to close up the hair, you can still have baby hair if you have a closure instead of a frontal, there's still baby hair that comes on the closures as well, so what is the difference between closure Wig vs frontal wig and which one is best for you? Anyone out there is kind of in that same dilemma and really don't know like where to go and what is what, I'm here to save the day.

Difference Between Closure Wig Vs Frontal Wig

Lace Size: closure wig has 4 by 4 inches lace area which cover a small portion of head while a frontal wig typically has 13x4 inches in size, go from ear to ear, has a bigger lace size. The bigger lace size is, the more realistic and versatile hair look you can get. They do all sorts of things to kind of make it look as realistic as possible.

Versatility: if you are someonewho enjoys versatility then you can go for a frontal. If you may want to revamp your wig and do something different with it, you may want to change your part, switch up your look, you can go for a frontal. If you are very creative with your hair because you know if you're having an off day, you can pull it up half-up half-down, you can do a little middle part thing that people like to do, you can do just really so much with a frontal, and if it's already in a wig, you know that's less that you have to go back to the salon for them to position it a different way.

Cost: The hand-tied lace part of a closure wig is smaller than a frontal wig and closure wig is more easy to install , so you will save some coins if you choose closure wig.

Closure Wig Vs Frontal Wig, Which One Is Best?

Both closure wig and frontal wig are great, they all can offer a realistic hair look. Both can give you baby hairs and natural parting space, give the illusion that hair grew out of your own scalp. You can choose according to your needs.

If you're not going to pulling your hair back, you're not gonna to put it behind your ear, you're not going to put it up in a ponytail, you're not going to do that kind of stuff. You are someone who always wear your hair one way or you want bangs, that's it. You only want bangs, you don't want anything else, a closure wig may be good for you. You may be able to save some coins if go for the closure wig instead of going for the frontal wig.

If you want to try many hairstyles, do middle part, deep side part, ponytail or half up and half down style, a frontal wig will meet your needs. Frontal wig has more versatility than closure wig.