Choosing a wig texture when buying a wig is like selecting the perfect seasoning for a dish-it adds that essential touch to enhance the overall style and appearance. Recently, ISEE Hair Beauty has launched 8 new different wig textures for M-Cap 9*6 wig. Let’s have a look at how to choose a perfect texture for your wig among these 8 different wig textures.

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8 Wig Textures -  Isee M Cap Wig 

Straight Wig

The straight texture has always been the most popular, regardless what types of wig. It is also our best-selling and most chosen textures by customers. If you're unsure about which texture to choose, straight texture is always a great option.

A straight wig is always described as classic hairstyle. ISEE M-Cap 9*6 straight wig is made from 100% human hair, exceptionally smooth, with a natural straight hair sheen. It feels soft, silky, and flows smoothly. We have 180% natural density and 250% a bit high density available to pick out.

Kinky Curly Wig

A kinky curly wig is a great tools to help you achieve voluminous and lush hairstyles. This texture belongs to type 3 natural curly hair. For black girls, considering wigs with this texture is a great choice. Although it may not be their natural hair type for black girls, these tight curls are particularly suitable and complement the beauty of black girls.

Also, with ISEE M-Cap 9*6 larger lace wig, you are free to experiment and create more hairstyles, such as the two high space bun hairstyle.

@tianaredd_ Glueless wig from @ISEEHAIR 1|2 ♬ original sound - Tiana Redd

Water Wave Wig

You can imagine the curls of a "water wave" wig as resembling the shape of water ripples. So, this texture looks very gentle and natural, just like natural waves. If you want to achieve an elegant look, a water wave wig is a good choice.

Body Wave Wig

Among all curly and wave hair textures, body wave has the largest curls. A body wave wig is the easiest to manage among curly wigs because its curls are larger and looser. Another advantage of these big, loose curls is that you can restyle a body wave human hair wig. You can use wand curls to create tighter curls in different areas of the wig or straighten it.

Kinky Straight Wig

Kinky straight falls under the straight texture category, featuring less pronounced kinks. In other words, this texture looks not as flat and smoothness as straight texture and appears slightly coarser. At the same density, a kinky straight wig looks more voluminous.

Kinky straight texture mimics the natural hair of black girls when it is in a straightened or blown-out state, reflecting a stylish and textured style commonly seen in black hair.

The following YouTube video showcases how ISEE kinky straight glueless wig looking in its natural state?What are the details of the ISEE M-cap kinky straight wig?And how to style a kinky straight wig after putting on head?

Ocean Wave Wig

The ocean wave texture may not be as common as straight or kinky curly textures. Its curl pattern is somewhat similar to body wave, falling between body wave and loose deep wave. However, the curls in ocean wave wig are slightly smaller than those in body wave, and they have more fluidity, resembling ocean ripples. Among wave and curly wigs, it is also considered a relatively easy-to-manage type.

Loose Deep Wig

As name implied, the curl pattern of a loose deep wave wig features deep, defined waves that are looser than traditional deep wave textures. Visually, a loose deep wave wig can enhance the depth of the hairstyle, complement facial features, and is suitable for black girls with round faces, providing a lengthening effect to the face shape. What’s more, it can help achieve a relaxed and voluminous appearance.

Deep Curly Wig

The curl pattern of deep curly wig is characterized by curls that are deeper than typical kinky curly wig, but not as tight as its curls. Nevertheless, it is still have bouncy curls and a good choice for creating a more voluminous and textured hairstyle.

What Texture Is The Most Easiest Textures To Care For?

In general, the ease of caring for wigs follows the order: straight texture > wave texture > curly texture.
Straight wig texture is the easiest hairstyle to care for. Comb it and make sure the hair is not frizzy, and you are well to go.
If necessary, use a flat iron to straighten it, and you will get a bone straight hair quickly. On contrary, curly wig texture needs more time and energy to protect the hair from frizzy or matted, and maintain the gorgeous curl pattern.

Therefore, if you want a easy-to-care-for wig texture, we recommend a straight M-Cap 9*6 wig. Or body wave and ocean wave wig texture, which are also more easier to be care when comparing with curly wig hairstyle.

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