Mesh dome wig cap and ventilated wig cap has becoming a hot topic, since they are the two breathable wig cap on the market. And having a breathable cap wig is quite essential for summer season.

Mesh Dome Wig Cap vs Ventilated Wig Cap

Do you know the specific detail of Mesh Dome wig cap and Ventilated Wig Cap? They both are used for wig making, and which wig cap type is more comfort and cool to wear? In this article, you will get all things you want to know about Mesh dome wig cap and ventilated wig cap.

The two wig caps are both very breathable and great to use. With breathable wig cap, you scalp can breathe, promote healthy scalp and healthy hair growth. And mesh dome wig cap is more popular for wig wearer for its nice fitted and snug.

What is Mesh Dome Wig Cap?


Mesh dome wig cap is used for making wig. Mesh dome cap is the most popular wig cap for wig making in summer season. The wig cap is a dome cap, but it is mesh and very breathable. Very thin, lightweight and stretchy. The mesh dome cap has an elastic band all around the edges of wig cap. The 3d design and elastic band make the wig cap very snug and fit, more secure, perfect for making a glueless wig.

What is Ventilated Wig Cap?


Ventilated wig cap is also a wig cap type that used for wig making. Ventilated wig cap is a open wefted cap, very breathable when wearing directly. The wig cap is lightweight and has no stretchy. There are open lace cloth for hair weaving, straps on the back for adjusting the wig cap size. But if you have scalp sensitive, or do not want the lace cloth on wig directly touch and cause irritation to your own hair and scalp, you should not choose a ventilated wig cap.

Mesh Dome wig cap vs Ventilated Wig Cap, How We Choose?

Mesh dome cap is more popular compared to ventilated wig cap, many wig wearer choose mesh dome wig cap for its secure and fitted. However, different people have different preference, you can choose according to your preference.

Mesh dome cap is very breathable because it is mesh, nice fitted and snug. Some wig wearer choose ventilated wig cap, because there are open space on the wig cap, they are able to scratch their scalp directly.

The mesh dome cap is very stretchy, so it is comfortable to wear. Well fitted and stretchy, no tense to your head, cool and comfortable. And the ventilated wig cap has no stretchy, you can adjust the little straps to tighten or loosen your wig cap.

The stretchy mesh dome cap is very comfortable to wear, no tight feeling to head, secure fit and not tight. So If you want a comfortable to wear wig, mesh dome cap wig is a good choice. Ventilated wig cap also be good to wear, you can touch your scalp directly to scratch it. Choose your favorite one.

Healthy Scalp and Hair Growth
Both mesh dome wig cap and ventilated wig cap are very breathable, which is good for hair health and airy scalp. But if you do have sensitive scalp, I suggest you choose a mesh dome cap wig, since the lace cloth on ventilated cap will cause irritation to your natural hair and scalp.

Secure and Fit
You can always believe in the secure fit of mesh dome cap. And for ventilated cap, it has no stretchy and not snug your head, so it may not so secure fitted as a mesh dome cap, but you can adjust the straps to make it more fitted.

Isee Breathable Mesh Dome Cap Wig

Kinky Curly Glueless Mesh Dome Cap Wigs


Pre-Plucked natural front
Pre cut hd lace, perfect melt
Top quality 100% human hair
3D mesh dome cap, stretchy and cool

Ocean Wave Mesh Dome Cap Glueless Wig


Our new delicate hairstyle, perfect for beach travel
Pre plucked, more natural
Pre cut invisible hd lace, melt hairline
Healthy human virgin hair
3D mesh dome cap, breathable and secure

Bleaching Knots Mesh Dome Cap Glueless Wig


Black knots are clean bleached, perfect melt
Pre plucked lace front, natural looking
Pre cut lace, suitable for beginners
Best virgin human hair, most healthy hair
3D mesh dome cap, more comfortable and cool

Curly Edges Mesh Dome Cap Glueless HD Lace Wig


Natural curly edges, melted hairline
Pre bleached knots, perfect melt
Pre plucked lace front, most natural
Pre cut hd lace, most convenient and skin melt
3d mesh dome cap, glueless install and breathable