The Importance of Correct Wig Wear

Since Wear & Go Wig came on the market, it has gained a good reputation. The newest Wear & Go Wig is one of the best wigs for beginners, the lace of which is thinner and more invisible. This is because the HD Lace, Swiss Royal lace, is easy to match with different skins. It is also very gentle for scalp, which is extremely suitable for sensitive skin. Due to the true HD Lace of Wear & Go Wig is thin and snug, which easily tears than the regular lace. So correctly wearing plays a vital role in maintaining the wig’s appearance and longevity.

Fear not, this guide will offer some tips to properly wear the wig for beginners. Now let’s me share it with you!

how to correctly wear wear go wig

How to Correctly Wear Wear & Go Wig?

Error Demonstration

how to wear wear go wig

Don’t fold the lace numerous times. As we known, the HD Lace is softer, thinner than the regular lace. Repeatedly folding deforms the lace, which will cause pre-cut design to be unnatural. So correctly wearing ensures that the lace remains soft and deform-free.

how to wear wear go wig

Don’t adjust the hairline with the lace part, which can cause the hair breakage just like the picture. The pre-cut lace blends in with the skin and the professionally pre-plucked hairline provides a natural looking, all of them ensure the style is always Wear-and-go. But the wrong wearing methods will cause the hair shedding and hairline unnaturally.

Correct Demonstration

how to install wear go wig

Correctly wearing Wear & GO Wig can protect the Wig to extent the lifespan. Start by ensuring that your natural hair is flat. You can braid your hair tightly and use a wig cap to create a smooth base for the wig.

isee hair

Step1: You can find the elastic band of wig and adjust it, then hook the piano keys to a suitable place.

Step2:Fold the lace edge reversal, in case of lace folding when wearing and damage the pre-ironed hairlines.

Step3: Put on the align the edge with your forehead, pull the band at back. Then pull the wig to the back of the head with raising the head, and slap the wig.

Step4:In the mirror, adjust your hairline for a flawless fit! Note that adjustments are made with hair in the weft part instead of lace. Don’t pull the hairline and lace!

Then you can restyle any hairstyle what you love!


Properly storage not only extends the lifespan but also maintains the wig’s style and shape.

Tips1: Please keep the wig away the from the sunlight but the environment is dry and dust-free.

Tips2: Don’t fold the lace to maintain the wig shape and style.

Tips3: Please neatly rolled or folded to prevent shedding and tangling.

Tips4: Use the professional shampoo and conditioner to clean the wig regularly.


Ready to wear and remove are the spotlight on the Wear & Go Wig. Using the right methods ensure that you can effectively and easily remove the wig.

Tips1: Put the hand on the weft part and take off the wig slightly.

Tips2: Note that don’t excessively pull the lace!


This article is mainly for the beginners and tells in details how to correctly wear a Wear & Go Wig. Correctly wear the Wear & Go Wig not only about appearance, but also maintains the longevity. By following the above guidance, you can ensure that the wig is as beautiful as when you got it; giving you great value for your money.