Curly wigs are loved by some people for their charm and elegance. For customers who want to try curly wigs, we recommend 18 inch curly wigs. 

beginner-friendly glam 18-inch glueless curly wig

How Long Does a 18 Inch Curly Wig?

To measure a curly wig, you should stretch it to straight first and a 18 Inch curly wig will looks shorter than a 18 inch straight wig, reaching to just below the shoulders. Curly bob can add cute, movement, feminine and fun to women. For black girls, curly bob take their natural hair texture into consideration and looks super natural, and provides the perfect face framing.

beginner-friendly glam 18-inch glueless curly wig


18 Inch Wear Go Glueless Curly Wig

Ease Of Installation

The installation of a glueless wig is extremely convenient, as with any wig, it involves three steps: preparation, installation, and styling. Wear go wigs are renowned for their 3-second installation, where the entire process of installing, styling, and getting ready for a date or outing takes only 10 to 20 minutes.  

@bg.lay I dont do this fr, just for promo. He WILL look at the wall or my bonnet. Pick one.. ♬ original sound - Lul NeekA


Wear go glueless wigs are not just about the absence of glue; they aim for authenticity. ISEE Hair has always focused on the production and enhancement of wear go wigs, and during the Black Friday event in 2023, we introduced the M-cap wear go wig, which can be called a "pre-everything wig." It achieves unparalleled realism by meticulously addressing every detail. The lace portion features single-knot, single-hair strand ventilation, with pre-bleached knots, making it the smallest knots you can find. The density of the knots is exceptionally high, creating an incredibly lifelike appearance, mimicking hair growing directly from the scalp.

Ease Of Maintenance

We all know that curly wigs can sometimes be challenging to maintain, especially for a lace front wig, but this glueless wig is designed to be low maintenance. 

How To Style a 18-Inch Glueless Curly Wig?

1. Take out your 18 inch kinky curly wig. Add a little makeup to the lace to make it better melt with your skin color.

2. Put your wig on your head and make it on the right place. If you go for Isee wear and go wigs, adjust the c-shape ear tabs and ensure the wig edges are aligned with your natural hairline.

3. Brush out your curly wig with widetooth brush or your fingers, to get a voluminous look. Then use some curling cream to finger coiling the hair strands and get your curls defined.

4. Blow dry your hair to make the hair more fluffy. Cut the front hair to get a layerd hairstyle.

5. Finally, use your wide comb or your fingers to adjust the frizzy hair strands or make the hair more fluffy to create a big fluffy finish.

@bene_mbroh @ISEEHAIR all i did was add a little makeup to the lace. Completely glueless ♬ Touch It (Do It Well Pt. 4) - dvsn

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