M-map 9*6, Bleached Knots Wig and Wear & Go V5 are all the ISSE newest wigs. Both of them have one common characteristic --- pre-bleached tiny knots. The tech provides the most realistic appearance and hair seam. In this blog, we will explore the secret of tiny knots.

tiny knots

What are the Knots?

big knots vs tiny knots

The knots act as the anchor to the hair, holding the strands of hair to the lace of the wig, preventing the hair from shedding and ensuring that the wig looks more natural. There are two types of knots: single knots and double knots.

Big Knots

Big knots, 3-5 hair strands tick one blank hole or two holes, means the double knots. As they are very difficult to skin tone, the big knots which looks less natural.

Tiny Knots—Upgraded Knots

Tiny knots are the ISEE upgraded tiny knots. On the base of the single knots, ISEE HAIR upgraded the single knots through several experiments. ISEE uses the unique tech, about 5-6 hours, to knot on the lace, achieving the realistic scalp.

Unbleached Knots VS bleached Tiny Knots

unbleached knots vs bleached mini knots

The knots play a vital role in the appearance of wig.

Unbleached Knots

Unbleached knots will may be darker state, which will be more detectable and require some treatments to melt with the different skin tones. These knots not only sturdy and durable but also the hair strands are not easier to shedding.

Bleached Knots

It is noticed that the good wigs all bleached knots, like Wear & Go Wig and M-cap glueless wig, which is like the natural bleached hair. The lace of Bleached Knots Wig had been bleached to match the scalp colors for getting a natural appearance.

The differences between Bleached Knots and Unbleached Knots

The main difference between the two---whether it is bleached or not.


The lace of unbleached knots are noticeable, with a pronounced black knots, which has an unnatural appearance and can easily be seen wearing wig. On the other hand, the lace of bleached knots wig without the noticeable black knots, giving a scalp look, which has been bleached to blonde or lighter brown.


Compared to the unbleached knots, bleached knots are relatively more fragile, so that hair strands shedding easily and may require gentler care and maintenance.


There is no doubt at all, it must be bleached knots wigs are more expensive, as the bleached knots are beached by hand for 5-6 hours. This processing requires professional techniques to avoid over-bleaching that can cause damage to the wig.

Why Bleached Tiny Knots On the Wig?

Bleached knots allow for a more natural appearance to the greatest extent, while can make the wig have the better blend with scalp. This is the crucial factor to consider when you purchase one wig.

Additionally, the tiny knots are less noticeable, and it is easier to achieve a natural effect. And with the tiny knots, you can feel more comfortable; with less friction, you couldn’t even feel the existing of it.


The size of knots is the first crucial factor you need to consider when purchasing. When the knots on the HD lace, the bleached tiny knots must be the better choice, which can create the realistic appearance hairline.

What’s more, the bleached tiny knots will be the trend of wig market with the deeper researching. And ISEE Wear & Go wigs are all the pre-bleached tiny knots, which don’t need to be bleached by yourself.

All in all, if you want to achieve a more natural wig, you need to get one wig with pre-bleached tiny knots, HD lace and so on. You can go for ISEE Hair to find one that suite and love!