Frontal wig styles is wigs that sewn in with bundles and frontal. 100% human hair can be hand-tied to a piece of lace material. The lace size can be 13x6 inch or 13x4 inch which will create a melted natural hairline. Sewn in with lace frontal and 3/4 bundles of hair to create a thick, realistic lace frontal wig.

Frontal Wig Styles Based On Lace Design

13x4 Frontal Wig Style

Isee 13x4 lace frontal wig apply hd invisible lace and transparent lace for women to choose. Big ear to ear 13x4 lace size for creating a very natural looking hairline, free part available.

13x6 Lace Frontal Wig Style

13x6 frontal wig is a type of wig that has 13 inch long and 6 inch deep lace frontal design, creating a natural ear to ear hairline and natural deep parting.

100% virgin human hair attached on the swiss lace. Transparent or hd invisible lace for melted hairline, makes the wig looks just like grow out from your own scalp.

360 Frontal Wig Style

360 lace frontal wig style is a wig that has 360 lace around, pre-sewed with 360 lace frontal and bundles. Pre-plucked with baby hair and bleached knots for natural hairline. 4 combs in the front, sides and back and elastic net to secure the 360 frontal wig. Adjustable straps to ajust to your desired wig cap size.

360 frontal wig style looks more natural than lace frontal wig, and since it is 360 lace around, it can do ponytail style. 360 wig is a type of hand-tied 100% virgin human hair wig.

Hd Frontal Wig Style

Hd frontal wig also called melted hairline wig, apply invisible hd lace for melting with your skin color which is perfectely match to whatever your skin tone is. Hd lace wig is more natural looking and invisable than typical transparent lace. 13x4 hd lace frontal for free lace parts, which is flexible for vaiours wig styles. 

Frontal Wig Styles Based On Hairstyles

Bob Frontal Wig Style

Bob wig a classic and chic wig style many women opt for. Hair length is between 8-16 inches, lies above the shoulders. Bob wig modify your face shape nicely. Isee human hair bob wig is always one of the most popular wig style which is prefered by office women, sports enthusiasts.

Isee Bob frontal wig style applies big 13x4 inches lace part for more natural looking. Hot sale is Brazilian human hair kinky curly and mongolian body wave lace frontal wig. Bob frontal wig styles are budeget-friendly, require low maintenance, easy to install, and looks trendy, very suitable for beginners.

Curly Frontal Wig Styles

Curly frontal wigs styles are flattering styles for black women with natural curl hair. The curly gives the ultimate classic fashion look that's extra charming and comfortable to wear.

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