Curly edges wig is quite a new wig trend and has becoming more and more popular on the market. The research of Curly edges wig is to offer natural baby hair and invisible hairline.

Why curly edges wig?

The curly edges wig has actually curly starts out from the root and has curly edges, more realistic. And apply pre-processed curly texture baby hair instead of straight for most natural hairline. Save time and energy from baby hair styling.

Curly Edges Wig

To more mimic of natural hairline, Isee have explored new Type 4c hairline wig, also called curly edges wigs on the market now. This curly edges wig has cute kinky-textured curly baby hairs, and apply coarse and kinky textured human hair for wig making. Looks like it’s growing out of your scalp for black women.

curly edges wig

Traditional Hairline Vs Curly Edges Hairline

Traditional lace wig has sleek and silky hairline with long hair. Curly Edges wig has short tight curl baby hair hairline, apply kinky and coarse texture human hair.

4c edges curly edges wig

Isee Curly Edges Wig Shows

New Pre-cut Hd Lace Glueless Curly Edges Wig Bob

curly edges wig


Water Wave Pre Plucked HD Lace Wig with Curly Edges

curly edges wig


Curly Edges Pre-Plucked HD Lace Kinky Curly Wig

kinky curly edges wig


Pre-Plucked HD Lace Kinky Straight Wig With Curly Edges

kinky straight curly edges wig


Details of Curly Edges Wigs

detail of curly edges wig

1. 4c Edges Little Curl Baby Hair

The main feature of curly edges wig is it has processed kinky curl baby hair around the hairline. Mimics 4c hair type, more realistic and looks like grow out of scalp. 

2. 13x4 Hd Lace Glueless

Isee curly edges wig apply top quality13x4 hd lace frontal, invisible melt with your skin color. Truly pre-plucked lace by our professional stylist for most natural lace melt. 

3. Hidden Lace

Kinky curl baby hair makes the wig give a best hidden lace hairline. Save your time on baby hair cutting and styling. 

4. Wig Material

Isee curly edges wig apply top quality 100% virgin human hair for wig making. All wigs can be curled, cut, dyed and styled freely.

5. Flexible Styles

Try half buns, half ponytail, middle parting or side parting and free parting hairstyles with our large hd lace frontal curly edges wig. Bob straight, long wavy, kinky straight, curly wig hairstyles in 10-32 lengths for your needs.