In 2024, short hairstyles are highly popular, and among these various short hairstyles, one stands out-the old money bob hairstyle. This hairstyle has obtained attention because of super elegance and sophistication on social media. If you haven’t heart about this old money bob hair, through today’s blog, hope you can have a deeper understanding on this trendy hairstyle.

old money bob hairstyle trend for girls 2024

What Is a Old Money Bob Hairstyle?

The inspiration for the old money bob hairstyle comes from the old money aesthetic, which has become immensely popular on TikTok and IG, collected high views and likes. It has become a hairstyle that many girls suddenly want to try. This hairstyle may look simple, but it gives off a sense of upper-class society, letting us imagine of wealthy aunties.

Key Features Of Old Money Bob Hairstyles

Old money bob hairstyle is the most worth trying hairstyle of this year, let's take a closer look at its key characteristics and features, you will understand why this hairstyle popular.

Simplicity And Refined

The old money bob hairstyle falls into the category of short hair. We all know that short hair is easy to maintain and simple, but the old money bob hairstyle adds a sense of sophistication to the simplicity of short hair. This hairstyle is typically glossy and voluminous.

old money bob hairstyle trend for girls 2024


This hairstyle is often at chin length or slightly below the chin. Waves or curls are typically created at the ends of the hair.

Subtle Layers

The key to this hairstyle is to have a sense of layering, not very apparent, but with subtle layers at the ends of the hair. These layers also add volume to the hairstyle. This subtle layering is also a manifestation of sophistication.

Understated Luxury

The old money bob hairstyle is not pompous and ostentatious, it is understated yet luxurious, with a subtle elegance.

old money bob hairstyle trend for girls 2024

Classic And Throwback Style

This hairstyle is so classic and retro that it became popular once in the 90's, and many characters in film and television, also cut this hairstyle, which is very impressive.

What Face Shape Suits This Hairstyle?

Many girls are hesitate to try the old money bob hairstyle because they are not sure if this hairstyle suits them. Don't worry, this hairstyle is similar to the classic bob hairstyle, the length is at the chin and shoulder position, and we all know that short hairstyles are the best hairstyles to flatter all kinds of face shapes. For round faces, you can keep your old money bob hairstyle at shoulder length to elongate your face shape, and for long faces, hair length at chin level is best.

old money bob hairstyle trend for girls 2024

How To Achieve a Old Money Hairstyle With a Wig?

It's best to choose human hair wig, because real human hair has better texture and more natural shine, and won't look cheap, after all, old money hairstyle is all about understated luxury.

Wave human hair wig is the most suitable for old money hairstyle, with ocean wave human hair wig is the best choice. Of course, you can also choose straight wig or kinky straight wig, because old money hairstyle is allowed to be customised. you can add curls or waves by yourself according to your preference or personal style.

ISEE M-Cap Deep Wave Bob Hairstyle

ISEE M-Cap Curly Bob Hairstyle

@molly_poppinss Tried to slap this bitch on real quick & ended up having to trust the MF process chileee! It turned out super cute tho! The perfect curly bob for this bipolar Texas weather @ISEEHAIR . . . . . . . . . ♬ original sound - Poppinss

Old Money Bob Hairstyle Is a Versatile Hairstyle!

If you want cut your hair shorter, or you want change your hairstyle into bob, don’t hesitate to try old money bob hairstyle, because it is really a versatile hairstyle.

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