Tired of solving with a head of tangled and matted wigs? From now on embrace the wet wavy hairstyle and say goodbye to bad hair days. It's not as difficult or challenging as you might think-it's simpler than you imagine.

Wet And Wavy Hairstyle

Why Wet Wavy Hairstyle Is So Popular?

The wet wave look emulates the appearance of waves in wet or damp hair, presenting a sleek and glossy finish. Compared to straight or curled wigs, the wet look is more suitable for wavy wigs.

Many celebrities with wet wave hairstyles on the red carpet always become attention-grabbing and flattering. Waves in a wig can beautifully capture and reflect light, creating a stylish and charming effect.

How To Get Wet Wave Look?

Get your suppliers

-A wave texture wig
-Mousse foam: defining those waves.
-A spray bottle with water: Evenly dampen the hair.
-Wide-tooth comb: be used for detangling.
-A dry towel
-Hair oil or leave-in conditioner: maintain wet waves.

Wet And Wavy Hairstyle

Step 1: Install a wear go glueless wave human hair wig is relatively easy, but for the purpose of extending the lifespan of glueless wigs, we have another blog post on how to properly wear a wear&go wig for longevity.

Step 2: Comb the wig and detangle the hair strands, ensure there are no existing tangles.

Step 3: Place a dry towel on your shoulders. This will protect your clothes from being stained by hair products during styling process.

Step 4: Part your hair into two sections. Working on one side one time and then another.

Step 5: Wet your hair by spraying some water on your hair. You do not need to spray too much water, just damp the hair evenly. Then work on another side.

Step 6: It is essential to use some mousse or cream foam to fix the wet wavy hairstyle. Use your fingers to apply the cream to your hair evenly. Working from hair ends to hair roots, defining curls perfectly.

Step 7: To better maintain the wet hairstyle, you can add some oil or gel on your hair strands. The hair will keeps its wet looking the whole day.

Wet And Wave Hairstyle

Isee Hair water wave wig is a perfect choice for achieving a wet wavy hairstyle look. The color of a wet water wave human hair wig may appear deeper and darker than when it's in a dry state. In reality, the hair color hasn't changed; it's simply a matter of light reflection.

Wet And Wavy Hairstyle


Wet And Wavy Hairstyle


Wet And Wavy Hairstyle


Can You Flat Iron a Wet And Wavy Wig?

Absolutely do not do this; remember never to use heat styling tools on wet wigs. Heat and moisture don't mix well, and using a flat iron on damp wig can lead to damage and breakage. If you want use flat iron to style the wig, blow dry the wig first and then you can flat iron the wig.

Final Words

Wet and wavy hairstyle looks sexy and fabulous, and giving a healthy hair look. It's time to say goodbye to frizzy and bad hair days and try this beautiful wet and wavy hair. Through this article, hope you have get the knowledge of how to style a wet and wavy hairstyle and if you have better ideas, welcome to comment below.

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