Waking up every morning to a tangled and unmanageable wig on your head can be frustrating, impacting your mood right from the start. Tired of this daily struggle? Don't worry, today's article has the perfect solution for you. Embrace the wet look, say goodbye to bad hair days, and say hello to fabulous wet wave hairstyles. It's not as difficult or challenging as you might think-it's simpler than you imagine.

Why Wet Wavy Hairstyle Is So Popular?

The wet wave look emulates the appearance of waves in wet or damp hair, presenting a sleek and glossy finish. Compared to straight or curled wigs, the wet look is more suitable for wavy wigs.

Many celebrities with wet wave hairstyles on the red carpet always become attention-grabbing and flattering. Waves in a wig can beautifully capture and reflect light, creating a stylish and charming effect.

How To Get Wet Wave Look?

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-A wave texture wig
-Mousse foam: defining those waves.
-A spray bottle with water: Evenly dampen the hair.
-Wide-tooth comb: be used for detangling.
-A dry towel
-Hair oil or leave-in conditioner: maintain wet waves.


Step 1: Install a wear go glueless wave human hair wig is relatively easy, but for the purpose of extending the lifespan of glueless wigs, we have another blog post on how to properly wear a wear&go wig for longevity.

Step 2: Use a comb to brush through the hair, eliminating any existing tangles.

Step 3: Pull the hair forward and drape a dry towel over the shoulders. This prevents any sprays or hair products used during the entire styling process from dripping onto the hair, which can be quite frustrating.

Step 4: Divide your hair into two sections in the middle, working on one side at a time. Start by evenly spraying water onto the hair on that side using a spray bottle. The hair doesn't need to be soaking wet, but ensure it's damp.

Step 5: Merely dampening the hair is far from the final look, even though it may give it a wet look compared to the dry hair on the other side. It's essential to use a lightweight mousse product and apply it to the damp hair. Use your fingers to evenly distribute the mousse foam on the strands, working from bottom to top, defining those wet waves.

Step 6:Continue the same process on the other side of the hair. Begin by spraying it to dampen, then apply the mousse product.

Step 7: Finally, to maintain the wet appearance of the hair, apply hair oil or leave-in conditioner on hair strands, ensure even distribution. Thus prevent the hair from becoming dry and frizzy, keeping it wet for an extended period a whole day.

Wet And Wave Hairstyle

The water wave wig is perfect for achieving a wet hair look, as the water ripples are more defined when the hair is damp. A wet hair hairstyle adds a touch of sensuality to the overall appearance. The color of a wet water wave human hair wig may appear deeper and darker than when it's in a dry state. In reality, the hair color hasn't changed; it's simply a matter of light reflection.







Can You Flat Iron a Wet And Wavy Wig?

Absolutely do not do this; remember never to use heat styling tools on wet wigs. Heat and moisture don't mix well, and using a flat iron on damp wig can lead to damage and breakage. You can first use a blow dryer to dry the wig and then use the flat iron for styling.

Final Words

In conclusion, embracing the wet and wavy hairstyle is one of surefire way to bid farewell to those dreaded bad hair days. This effortlessly chic look not only adds a touch of sensuality but also exudes a natural and refreshing vibe. So, say goodbye to dry and frizzy locks, and welcome the allure of the wet and wave-a hairstyle that effortlessly radiates confidence and charm.

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