Have you ever bought a pre-bleached tiny knots wig? To make your lace front wig look more natural, have you ever bleached wig knots for your wig? However, these wigs sheds a lot when washing, pre-bleached wig look more natural but the wig knots are more fragile,and shed more. How to reduce shedding in tiny knots wigs? We will introduce some solutions in today’s blog.

wig shedding tiny knots wig care solutions

Pre-Bleached Tiny Knots Wig

Pre-bleached tiny knots wig refers to wigs that have smaller, single-strand wig knots and these knots have undergone chemical treatment to make their color light, close to the color of the lace or your scalp.

Pre-bleached tiny knots wig: appear more realistic and natural, but it requires careful and high maintenance. The knots in the hair have undergone chemical processing, so the wig knots are more delicate. The lace portion of the wig is also more prone to shedding. As a result, the lifespan of the wig may be shortened if not proper care for.

wig shedding tiny knots wig care solutions

Unbleached Knots Wig

Unbleached knots wig refers to a wig with 3~4 hair strands hand-tied together on one lace hole without any treatment.

Unbleached knots wig: appear less natural because the wig knots in the frontal lace are darker, larger, and more visible. However, these wig knots tends to durable and stronger, making it less prone to shedding.

How To Prevent Pre-Bleached Tiny Knots Wig From Shedding?

Never Brush a Wig When It Is Wet

When combing a wet wig, hair loss is more likely to occur compared to combing dry wig, especially for pre-bleached glueless wear and go wigs. It is particularly important not to comb wet hair in this case, as the knots themselves are not as durable as unbleached knots wigs. Therefore, the correct method is to detangle your human hair wig when it is dry, before washing the wig. When blow-drying the wig, start by drying the roots from the inside of the cap, then you can begin to comb and style your wig. This approach can effectively reduce hair shed.

Avoid Pulling Hair Strands

When combing your wig, remember to be patient and gentle. Mastering the correct technique for combing wig is also important, start from the ends and gradually work your way up to the roots, avoiding starting from the roots as it can cause hair pulling. Also, try to avoid hairstyles that pull the hair, such as pulling your hair back into tight, high ponytails.

Detangle Your Wig Regularly

Imagine when your human hair wig sheds the most? When you're detangling knots. The larger the knots, the harder they are to detangle, leading to hair shedding and breakage. That's why it's important to regularly comb your wig, clearing away small knots promptly. Don't wait for knots to become larger and then detangling, as it will take more time and result in wig falling off easily.

wig shedding tiny knots wig care solutions

Away From The Heat

Heat can cause wig dry, dry hair tend to be more prone to tangle and shed. Therefore, blow dry your wig on a low heat or cooler setting. What’s more, style your human hair pre-bleached wig in a simple way, limited the frequent use of the curlers and the flat iron.

What Wig Products Can i Use To Prevent Tiny Knots Wig Shedding?

Moisture Oil

Once cut from the scalp, human hair loses its natural source of oils. Moisturizing and replenishing hair oil daily can help prevent hair shedding. Your human hair wig will look more healthy. wig shedding tiny knots wig care solutions

Detangling Spray

A product specifically designed for wig detangling can make the process easier, preventing excessive pulling and shedding of the wig.

The above products are recommended to be lightweight and non-greasy.

Wig Brush Or Wide-Toothed Comb

Combing and brushing human hair pre-bleached tiny knots wigs is something that needs to be done regularly, so it's advisable to use a wig brush or wide-toothed comb for wig maintenance.

Prevent Built Up On Wig Knots

As the number of wears increases, dirt can accumulate at the knots, leading to build-up and shedding. Therefore, it's important to wash the wig regularly to keep the hair clean and fresh. However, don’t wash your human hair wig frequently, this may cause wig dry, and regular deep conditioning of the wig is also necessary to keep it moisturized. When washing and conditioning your pre-bleached wig, it is also need to be gentle, avoid hard handling.

To Sum Up

Pre-bleached tiny knots wig need higher maintenance and care for. Remember not to brush or comb it when wet, avoid pulling and extensive heat, using lightweight wig products, cleaning bulitup in time. Do you have any other solutions to keep pre-bleached tiny knots wig from shedding?

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