Today we're talking about some tips for summer hair care and people could use to be able to help their hair flourish andgrow and all of that through the summer.

When you sweat

If you find that you sweat quite a bit in your head, things like that, you may want to go ahead and start cleansing a bit more often. And you want to keep in mind that that sweat is going to be drying to your hair, rinse it out. And that way you're not having issues with it being drying or with your scalp being it chy and you scratching and causing breakage to there due to the fact that the humidity tends to be a bit higher in the summer.

Hair style

We don't recommend as much heat styling things like that. Opt for more heat free or low heat styles. You can even do a ponytail or a puff as long as it's not too tight.

When you plan to go swimming

If you're planning on swimming this summer especially in chlorinated water, People are sensitive to chlorinated water and it can lead to hair loss, keep the following two points in mind.

• The first tip is that you can go ahead and just coat your hair and something like petroleum or grease and that way it helps to prevent chlorinated water from being able to get into the hair.

• lf you don't like that one, the second method is to soak your your hair in as much regular water as possible prior to getting in, so that your hair can absorb as much moisture as possible. So that way, when you get into a pool,it's not able to absorb as much that chlorinated water.

And either instance, after you finish you finish swimming, you need torinse and lightly shampoo and condition that hair afterwards to get the Things like that out of your hair. If you do things like swimming for a long time, you need a cleansing shampoo and the same deep moisturizing treatment you do for the rest of the season.

Trim hair

If you haven't trimmed your hair in over three months, it's time for a trim. Most heads of hair cannot go that long without trimming.

Hair coloring

lf your hair is color treated and you're planning on being out in the sun, you want to make sure you're using products that either have UVA and UVB protection and them or you want to go ahead and make sure your hair is covered with a hat, a scarf, something along that lines, it’ll give protection from the sun and preventure here from fading out due to the exposure. If your hair is color treated just to prevent your color from fading, it's a good protection.


In addition to taking care of our hair, we should also pay attention to protecting our scalp. Making sure you're wearing something like sunscreen that protects you from the sun's rays. This also includes clothing, which helps block sunlight from reaching your skin directly.

One cause of not only aging from UVA rays but also from burning from UVB rays and eventually skin cancer if you're continually out without any type of sunscreen or protection from the sun.


It's hot and the sun is going to be doing quite a bit of evaporation of moisture things. Making sure that you are deep conditioning and doing protein, especially if you're sweating make sure that you are deep conditioning, pretty frequently.