M-cap 9*6 Wig is a new types of wear and go glueless human hair wig from ISEE Hair, we launched it in 2023, it features tiny wig knots, maximum lace size, movable combs, match ear design, really effortless beauty, which has gained popularity and hot selling online and offline. However, is it worth trying and investment? Today's blog collects real reviews from consumers who have purchased our M-cap 9*6 wig. These reviews are all authentic feedback from our customers, we believe you can find answer whether this kind of wig worth buying or not.

isee m-cap wig review

From S***e

This was my first ever wig! The hair is strong and soft and endured everything I’ve put it through the past few days trying to figure it out (curling, hot combing, brushing, washing, concealer, lace spray, etc.) The initial shine dulls a bit after washing but it’s still pretty! Even for a beginner like me, the lace didn’t show too much unless you got really close (I used melting spray in the front then blended the side lace with my natural edges).

isee m-cap wig review

This customer's review is really helpful. She is a first time wig wearer. In her reviews, you can know her true experience of wearing our ISEE M-cap 9*6 wig, she shared the wig condition straight out of box, and she even use hair strands to make a test on its resistance to heat styling tools. Moreover, she provided valuable tips on how to wear this wig to achieve a more seamless and natural-looking hairline. If you are also a wig beginner, i think this review will useful for you.

This comes from TheHeartsandCake90, an influencer who has collaborated with ISEE multiple times. Her constructive feedback led us to introduce new textures for the M-cap wig, including kinky straight, and increase 250 density options.

if you watch my review from December I reviewed their silky straight version of this wig and it was amazing but I don't like silky textures that much because I don't feel like they look as natural as kinky straight textures or yaki textures, so l mentioned in that review that I would prefer them to created a kinky straight or Yaki textured wig and gave us more density.

After they you know watched my review and they heard other people agree with me, they came back with exactly what I asked for, so l think that's great when companies hear our constructive feedback and then they go back to the drawing board and give us what we are requesting.

ISEE M-Cap High 250 Density Wear Go Kinky Straight Glueless Wig 

isee m-cap wig review


Benefits And Drawbacks

this is exactly what l wanted kinky straight and a thicker texture because it's you know it's a dead of winter and we wanted some thickness and density, but with that thickness and density you're going to have to take a lot more energy to press this out.

ISEE M-Cap Wear Go Kinky Curly 9x6 Glueless Wig

isee m-cap wig review


Customers' Real Comments


Buy it!!! The hair is very soft, with no smell. Love the curl pattern and the hair is full from roots to end.lace is very thin ,and the hairline is good.


It’s everything in the sense of human and little to no shed. I love the fact that it didn’t stink like some wigs do.


There are three detachable hair clips on the wig. It is also very stable when I go out for morning running. There are also some cute gifts, I recommend you also buy one.


The natural texture makes ppl believe it’s actually my hair…I suffer from hair loss, so it’s great to feel the type of confidence that comes with beautiful hair.

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